Really miss rain on Isle of Siptah

I know many player hate rain, but i simply love it and i bet there are others like me.

I like to relax in my cozy cabin when it rains outside.

I hope the devs bring back the rain in final build.

This can an option in settings to make everyone happy.

P.S - Really enjoy the new update. Thank you devs.

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I enjoy rain, but I find rain is a problem in the game because it somehow manages to slip through your roof


just let it play in the background… no rain plz

pretty sure u can find more like thunderstorms etc


If only it wouldn’t rain also inside… I dont like to see my fireplace burning and raindrops falling from ceiling the same time (roof is intact :D) So please no rain unless dripping is fixed.


True, tottaly agree no rain until this fixed please. Also in exiled lands the problem for me with the rain was in the lands where the rain was present , it rained most of the time. It would be fine once every 2 days or a full day of rain then nothing for 5 days. But if it rains most of the time, its to grey and sad/


Raining inside a base is very unwelcome. Please no rain until this issue is fixed. Better to have no rain and a dry base than to have rain and a wet base.


Let’s get nights first lol.


agree nights and rain for siptha

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btw remove the fog from exile lands … it broke bloom and sunlight on this map

Looks like patch 2.4 might just address that issue. I’m currently downloading the Testlive 2.4 version to test it out later today. Hopefully, we will have some darker nights on Siptah now.

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You Asked, you got it. :slight_smile:

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Is it really I did not saw but the improved lightning. Please someone inform if nights are a thing now! I am dl the 40gb patch now

New lighting effects and improved colors, along with many optimizations, have been added to the Isle of Siptah skyboxes, to make your adventures through the new biomes truly memorable! The difference is… night and day!

Quoted from testlive Patchnotes. :hugs:


was this part in the patch notes? would love to see a screenshot of night time now. see how it looks! :slight_smile:
i am still downloading so if anyone gets into that build please take a screenshot at night

Yes, i did not changed anything.


is it also raining in siptah now?

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Wow. That is nice.

Yea I second the motion on adding rain to Siptah. Yes, they should fix rain indoors too, but we’re missing out on some beauty with the rain.


That looks really nice.Not sure if you need a torch to explore yet, but for sure bases will look really nice with fires.

Yeah I mis rain too.
Sad thing is the rain inside a building seems to be a big problem with most players.

So they leave it out… terrible…

I do wonder… it has never rained inside my buildings, only wet textures. That is not the same right?

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