Isle of Siptah, Bring in weather seasons and varied heat/weather patterns

Siptah needs Seasons. Hot and cold. Maybe rainstorms that flood, snow? Hot/cold seasons?? Would make the game waaay more diverse. Having to wear armor for the time of year etc.


Yeah, I think seasons will fit very well in this map :slight_smile:

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I support this idea ! As there’s no as much biome diversity as there is in the Exiled lands, thic would be a nice way to dynamically change the environment surrounding players !

Unless the issue where all the surfaces in your base look wet when it’s raining has been addressed, I’d prefer there not be any rain added to any future maps.

Graphics quality on my PS4 was low enough that I didn’t really notice, but on PC I do and find it annoying.

Personally, if Funcom moves to releasing new maps on a regular basis, I hope they do a snow themed map with a small green section like the highlands as the starting area and extensive areas of mountains, glaciers and extreme cold.

Great idea, but the problem i see same with my friend above, the game doesnt recognize surfaces when it comes to rain. When it rains, everywhere is wet, when it snows, same will happen.

Apart from siptah, Devs should make temperature actually relevant in original map too. Desert with 25 degree at noon is insane. You simply cant get high temps unless you wear a cold resist armor. The game needs more survival aspect and the weather is a step to it!

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