Bring us some rain Precious


Brings us some rain to Siptah Precious.

We needs the rain Precious.

Especially on the coast during the maelstrom or anywhere else for the matter.

Makes it so Precious.


No. Please no. I don’t want the inside of my base to always look like it’s sopping wet.


We wants it…

I think dynamic weather effects on Siptah would be a great way to break up the monotony of all the golden, autumnal hues which get a little boring.

Wishful thinking but imagine if the isle could be lashed with rain and snow settling - crashing waves and lightning striking the shores and burning trees to ember…


Seconded, I hate everything looking wet inside

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As long as they fix the issue so rain dosent come thru our damn roofs, and the server can ACTUALLY handle it, i would also like to see some rainstorms :slight_smile:


Please, don’t force rain on everyone.

If a few players want rain on their Siptah map, use or make a mod to change the game to your preference like @drachenfeles states.

Personally, I could do without the rain and constant wetness inside my base. Its gloomy enough on Siptah as it is now.


Yes I want rain too, too bad Siptah has so much less important weather features… no rain… no real darkness.

Apart from rain, it would be nice if there were more states the weather can be in like:

  • Rain (as mentioned)
  • Rain and thunder
  • Cloudy
  • Heatwave (missing biome desert/jungle)
  • Snow (missing biome snowlands)
  • And a lot more…

Sounds good too me.

It’s a bit dull when the island should get a daily rain at the very least.

Rain of some for be it light or heavy could easily be plausible during the maelstrom.


True and this will also be logical lorewise

Please God no, just no… Unless they can make it so everything indoor isn’t wet and that rain doesn’t last more than 90% of the online playing time - These 2 things were the reason I stopped building bases in north and jungle, it’s not that I dislike rain, but they never found a good balance with it, so again, please no :slight_smile:


In my opinion there is no need here we´ve already enough rain in the exile land - but maybe snow - sometimes - once a year at Christmas … :wink:


I actually wouldn’t mind snow on Siptah, because that doesn’t make the inside of my base look moist.


We need dynamically changing seasons.


Dynamic seasons would be awesome! Perhaps something like every week, a new season would begin. By the end of a month of gameplay a “in-game” year would pass (and give us four seasons that would cycle and repeat). Long enough to enjoy, but short enough to experience the changes.


Buts the female exiles looks good wet



It’s an island so for snow? I dunno except high in some mountains.

The rest of the island should see some rain every so often

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Well, it depends on where the island is located. We can already tell from the Maelstrom that the island is in the northern hemisphere (the Maelstrom rotates counter-clockwise). So how far north is the island given all the northern pine and redwood forests? Its definitely not a topical island. If its north enough, yes, it could get snow.

An anomaly like a magical, stationary Maelstrom that appears several times a day? Yeah, you’re right. There’s no precedence for something like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dynamic season means; every change of season, map texture will change. Which is nearly impossible. It is possible dont get me wrong but funcom has to build siptah 3 more times lol. I would like to see some rain too. But fixed one. Not the one some people said still wet inside a building…

Being that it is cold at the tower I don’t think it’s a stretch that it could emanate from there

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