Siptah still a very dark place

Siptah stills seems to be a place that hates the light (and no, I’m not even talking about the maelstrom or the Isle of Dusk). As an older player - I’m 58, my eyes are not what they used to be and the general dimness of this map takes away from my ability to enjoy it. The biggest area where I feel there is unnecessary shadows is from the clouds passing over the sun (too many of them are a heavier density and cause mini eclipses) and the shadows cast by the terrain. Neither of these shadows need to be as dark as they currently are and they seriously detract from my ability to enjoy the map.

I know you have recently reworked the environmental lighting and in some areas I detect it, but mostly I’m still left feeling like the world is a dim place where I need a torch in the full day.

Please add some ambient light to soften the shadows cast by the terrain and make the clouds more translucent so that the light doesn’t dim by 40%+ every time one passes by. On my ideal island, the maelstrom also wouldn’t blot out the light of the whole island either, but only the middle part of the isle that it covers.

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it seems like that might be your in game settings, monitor settings or gamma. Aside from the isle of dusk, the rest of siptah is quite bright from 0700 to 1900 in game time. Check your monitor display settings, something could be amiss.

I think the maelstrom got darker again across the map when it happens. I know it was requested to make it less dark in non-maelstrom areas which I think they did have for a period of time but seems reverted back so its very gloomy during maelstrom. If it was raining during the maelstrom in other areas, I would be fine with it then.

Otherwise, all seems fine.

I logged in, and couldnt see a damn thing lmao. i had to adjust my graphics to see. still finding the sweet spot from being able to see, and not looking like an anime toon.

I definitely notice the light being better in wide open areas, but I agree that the shadows from terrain are still too dark. My favorite area is the Redwood Forrest area, but I can’t enjoy it as much with it being so dark all the time. My setting work just fine for light in Exiled Lands, so I don’t believe that’s the issue.

exiled lands are overexposed at the moment due to some histogram mishap or whatever is causing it
so if you have good light there it’s bound to be too dark on siptah

that said, island light-shadow contrast is pretty heavy

Same darkness issue is around Sepermeru/Oasis in vanilla map right now. It’s disgusting, it feels like its orange-y and dark, some of my players who live there are unhappy because they had to higher up their gamma ratios just to be able to see.

that’s a new one

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