Feedback after coming back to Isle of Siptah after over a year


I used to be a regular player and poster here, but as it happens to me with many games, I got bored and moved on to other games. I got the itch recently, and started playing after over a year. I noticed a lot of changes! Here is some fresh feedback on those:

I noticed that a lot of changes were being discussed in the forums around the time I quit. Kudos for listening to the community! I appreciate the new content, bug fixes, etc.

However, there are some pretty bad things, mainly two big ones: The biggest one is the lighting in the Isle of Siptah. You had it right on launch, but you listened to the wrong feedback and screwed it up. If anything, the lighting on Exiled lands should have been made more like the original Isle of Siptah’s, and not vice versa. I understand people want to feel immersion, realism, and and whatnot, but consider the following: 1-Every night in the game has a huge full moon and mostly clear skies. The lighting matches that of a cloudy moonless night. 2-A core part of the game is building. Most of the time, you can’t see crap in Siptah because if it’s not night, there’s the storm too. So you’re left with a very short window of time where you can build. This is very annoying. And because of the storm, it’s worse in Isle of Siptah. Increasing the gamma doesn’t help much, it just makes the game look like crap. I suggest going back to the original lighting settings or giving us an admin option to adjust the night lighting.

The second bad thing I noticed, although it is much lesser in importance, is the stamina use. Again, it was a lot better before. It might be a PvP thing, but I don’t PvP, so I can’t say about how it affects that. Last I checked, the option to adjust stamina use in the console was bugged, any little down adjustment gave you infinite stamina; did that get fixed?

That’s it for now, keep up the good work!

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