Siptah lighting

I am not a fan of the lighting on Siptah,you lose a load of great visuals and scenes that Funcom has produced. Its far to dark and dingy and as for the fog why does it take forever to disappear, PLEASE take another look at it guys, I am sure the community would like a change ! .

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Shadows are too intense in the day: Walk into a shadow and then day turns into dusk. Cloud passes, day turns into dusk. There are a great many places that are always in shadow thanks to the low angle of the sun even at mid-day.

This is made worse by random zones that have a darkness effect that is not seen from outside the area. Step into the zone and day turns into dusk.

Then the storm happens, and day turns into dusk everywhere.

Visit some of the ‘new’ lands to the south, and instead of a gradual darkening or a visible effect like smog or smoke, we gear a rapid multi-step dimming of the light. take a step back… light level ratchets up. forward, ratchets down.

Then night happens and everything goes pitch black. Light sources in the environment cast less than half the illumination of player crafted lights or called torches.

Adjusting gamma in game has no reasonable effect.

lighting is… in need of some refinement, IMO. Playable? Sure. Provisionally. Good? Not in my opinion.

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Well. i have to agree with this. I keep my gamma very high because i cannot see anything when the night kicks in. There is too much dark in the isle. The only settings that i can do is to set my monitor black stabilizer to 50% or more, or just wait for the night to pass, so basically doing nothing for a period of time.
The game forces me to play with a torch and 1h weapon in the night time.
Not to mention the storm… that occurs far too often.

It seems like the rework of the night “darkness depth” and the maelstrom had caused some feedback loop - the night in itself is dark, that’s ok and acceptable. But the fact that with the Maelstrom, outside of it, everything turns out dark as well is kind of stupid.

The angle the lightning is coming from the sun seems to be totally irrelevant, which makes no sense as the area that isn’t blocked by the Maelstrom’s clouds should not be darkened to this degree like it is now. It would be nice if the developers could have a look at this issue, and - maybe - restore the old way how the areas outside of the Maelstrom behaved.

Oh, and also - the Maelstrom animation on the map is broken, since 2.3 or so. Can we get it back, please?

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