Bring us some rain Precious

An anomaly like a magical, stationary Maelstrom that appears several times a day? Yeah, you’re right. There’s no precedence for something like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dynamic season means; every change of season, map texture will change. Which is nearly impossible. It is possible dont get me wrong but funcom has to build siptah 3 more times lol. I would like to see some rain too. But fixed one. Not the one some people said still wet inside a building…

Being that it is cold at the tower I don’t think it’s a stretch that it could emanate from there

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It is an engine limitation, doubt it can be fixed.

Then I still prefer a wet inside and rain outside than no rain at all.

Correct, this has existed in game engines since the beginning. So Unreal Engine 1-5, all game engines, have this bug.

I also prefer the rain to the immersion breaking wet interior.

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