Too much Fog on Siptah all looks milky

and whats wrong with the rocknoses they look very bad like toys for little kids very big dislike for the new look of the rocknoses


Yea… The night is really cool, but the day is really foggy and bright.
Iside in a building it’s also foggy.

Less fog please!


wasup i logged into the game yesterday and… i couldnt see that far, everything was milky fogy … and iam far far FAAAAAAAAAAAAAR away from the Malestorm, now with the isles attached the malestorm bad weather even reaches to that far region, cuz if the malestorm is over the view gets a bit better but not as it was bevore, i wish i had a option to dissable fog bad weather and storm…plus dark nights…and darker regions… i love to have a full range view like in reality to… in reality ur view is also not blocked in summer regions by fog… and 5 meter range of view.

inside ur base its also rain, so why not fog …

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In Siptah never rain :frowning:
The weather in Siptah is static. Sunny or storm, no rain or snow.

I had the same rain bug in the buildins when i was play on EL. I thought they fixed it …

no they dont

new foggy is really bad . like looking through cateracts

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