Please, bring the storm back to its former glory

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Offer to return as in the old version
PC (PvE) Isle of Siptah
Public Test Server - EU - PvE-C - IsleOfSiptah
TestLive client (Rev # 277617/28249)
No mods

Too light and not scary (Rev # 277617/28249)

The beauty and majesty of the storm (Rev # 272565/27820)




Yeah, this new look is definitely not an improvement. It was much better before.


Agreed. The older version of the storm was much better (not this new version).

And night is still a bit too bright.


The whole Isle of Siptah is way too bright… this was the best part of it but now the whole environment seems like a fairy tale rather than the harsh world of hyboria…


agreed no idea why they changed that…


What the…? Why on earth would they change that? The storm looked great before.


Yeah during our whole playthrough, myself and one other person never even crafted a single torch in Siptah other than to get the journey step. When we realized how bright the nights were we just threw our toches away.

Wow, why that was changed?.

The storm should look scary and also should have an endboss.


My eyes are not really good. I think it’s ok with this change

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I never saw the old storm, but yeah, this seems pretty light. The lighter nights I am ok with. There should be some amount of ambient light at night. Exiles lands blackout nights are just too dark for outside. In a dungeon or cave, dark is awesome.


Well, the dark nights in the north of the Exiled Lands seems a bit heavy, but the nights over the desert seem pretty good.

I agree that there should be some ambient light at night, but Siptah seems a bit too light right now.


One of the reasons why I build my main base in the desert. Not too dark, not too light, just perfect.

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As a person who actually lives in a northern rural area with no city lights nearby, I can say nights are actually pitch black irl. Having a night that is bright enough walk around without a light is very rare. Pretty much only full moons with clear skies.


I can corroborate that. I too live in a rural area. On nights with a full moon and a clear sky, it’s actually pretty bright out. Particularly in the winter when everything is covered in snow to reflect it. But on nights with cloudy skies or a new moon, it can get so dark that you can’t even see your own hands in front of your face.


I am yet to experience Siptah myself. But I can quite easily tell you which of those images I like more. One looks like a gentle serene fog, while the other looks like a dark, dangerous, sorcerous storm. I know which does the Isle of Siptah more justice.


Perhaps so that players that build within the storm area find it a little less disconcerting?

I recall a long time ago discussions about the darkness and length of the night in exiled lands with some voicing the opinion that we should be making use of equipment like night vision potions, armor and weapons.

(Not related to testlive)

I Had this bug for a Couple times, i reckon it is Client side, because when the bug happend for me, my other clan mates were not experiencing the same thing i was.

So, Maelstrom bug.

Maelstrom finished. Sky is Clearing up. You start realizing that something is not right and ask yourself…

Why am i having the Feeling of being on Mars? Once the Storm ends, this “red-fog” persists, You look at trees and bushes to see them being Bend all over the places by the wind. The entire weather presents itself exactly like in the Times when the maelstrom is active, only that the maelstrom is over. Not for my weather system.

Of course i have exited to Main Menü and logged back in, to see that everything is back to normal. This happend Multiple Times, Next time it happends i’ll take some Screenshots.

  • Maybe they have broken the maelstrom in one of the Patches and by reducing it to a fog is the easy way out :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that the new lighting of the maelstrom is not nearly as good. I also agree that the nights are far too bright on Siptah. Renders torches and other light sources useless.

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You guys just got your answer yesterday, to the maelstrom topic :))

It has been “optimized”. :stuck_out_tongue: