Siptah is too dark at night

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But being serious, now lights at the night looking sooo cool!

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Glad they made it darker. Graphics look so much better due to darker theme :slight_smile:


indeed we are

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Hell yeah, and this weekend I actually have time to play and enjoy it.

I love that we have now dark nights, i mean it’s a survival, and torches, fires should have a meaning.


Yeah, also with new skyboxes game is kinda got a fresh look and on my opinion feels much better and involving

I think the darker night is definitely needed.


While its somehwat bothersome to lose sight I also wholeheartedly like the change, the darker nights are needed :slight_smile:


Getting rid of the blue sphincter/wild purges and making the nights dark has made Siptah so much more enjoyable. Also the daytime skybox improvements are wonderful. You can really admire the beauty of the island. I like to just get on my horse and enjoy the scenery now as I ride.

My one big wish now is that they add some dynamic events and MOB spawning to the island.


Cmon.You will be happy with darker nights for couple days.After that understand is made game much worser.Torches and other things dont helping.Try climb with torch in hand.You just need sit and wait till night finish.

That’s what night vision potions are for. :wink:

Seriously though, that’s just part of the game. Either take the risk and go climbing or wait till sunrise.


As far as i know, the design can drop from the bird boss at New Luxur, above the Judge at Chamber of Scales


Yes very happy, we’re not playing some arcade game, we’re playing a survival game!

Check your gamma if its really “too” dark.

PS: Before this update even with low gamma it wasn’t even dark so…

I don’t thing it’s too dark now. The night is dark (and sometimes full or terrors) as it should be, while being way less painful than in the North biome of the exiled lands.

I think we have a good balance here between darkness and playability. torchs and night vision potions are our friends again :smile_cat:


get purged you will get your mobs and watch your base get raped.

Agreed 1000% I just wish the nights where longer.

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I make sure to put torches and braziers up all along the walls and the inner keep. Sadly due to pathing issues I haven’t had much problems. I’m building a siege fort in the maelstrom now that I hope to have better luck with by using the convergence trap.

I’ve never gotten those to work correctly. Did they get fixed at some point?

I honestly don’t know. Haven’t used them in a while because Siptah was always too bright to bother with them and I haven’t tried them in the newest update yet.

Siptah nights are amazing now, the skybox is beautiful and the darkness is way better, now using torches and light sources is important, as it should be.

But i think the light from toches is way too bright or has an orange tone way more saturated than it the rest of the light sources. Has anybody has noticed this?