Isles of Siptah nights

IMO, I think the nights need to be more distinguished in Isle of siptah. It’s TOO bright at night. Anyone else agree?


Night is actually the same as exiled lands UNLESS there is a maelstrom going. The map wide storm has it’s own lighting which is brighter than normal clear night. The problem is that the storm can last all night and into the next day so it seems like there is no normal night.

I have screenshots showing normal night with the moon and all since it was such a rare event. I actually wish they would ease up on the storm a bit and make it less dark while it’s going on during the day. You can end up going 24 hours in game time in darkness if the storm lasts all day.

The colors in the Isle of Siptah are very bright and saturated, light sources are very intense and yes, nights are not as dark as they should be.

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