Day and Night | Island of Siptah

Is it me or are the nights on Siptah as bright as day?

For a survival game the darkness gives a new dimension to the world. Especially on a dark demon infested island.

Yes I know darkness can be annoying but it has always been very dark before in Conan Exiles and this is totally gone, I never needed a torch on Siptah.

Why has darkness changed to non existent (only a few dungeons are dark)?

My gamma is 1.5, making this even lower just ruins every aspect of contrast.

I enjoy the bright nights. It is enough that we have to farm the storm every so often which is stressing your eyes in my opinion. During the storm the rest of the map is pretty gloomy. On the east side, we also have a lot of forests, which contributes to the lack of sunshine.


The main reason why it bothers me is immersion.

I simply can’t differentiate the night and day :confused:

It also does n’t honor the towers lore, which is dark and demonic D:

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