Isle of Siptah: No Nighttime? (Zzzzzzz)

#bobbyitwasalladream - Crom blessed us with Night!

Was just wondering why ‘night’ is not dark on the Isle of Siptah?

It’s dark in the Exiled Lands, but not Siptah? I understand the maelstrom and vortexes radiate light, but there is a ‘things that go bump in the dark’ for Exiled Lands. The deep darkness adds an extra edge to raiding or hiding or being chased.

If there is a setting Private Server Admins can toggle, then let’s have it. The sunrises and daylight is picture-card stuff, but the nights…?

(unless the game is now aimed at the very young and we don’t want them to have nightmares…)


I’d also like to see nighttime get much darker. I’d actually like to take it further with a “weather” event where its way darker with fog. and Eldritch created can spawn outside the maelstrom if your outside of shelter.

Yep, and the randomised chance of getting struck by lightning - both character, thralls, and even base. Keep things on their toes (and make it a setting that can be set off/on/severity just so there’s choice) :slight_smile:

Like a meteor shower, but the whole map.

Actually, the whole lightning and colors are weird in TIoS, night time doesn’t need a torch and light sources are too bright

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/signed - Siptah needs to have an actual night time.

I haven’t looked, but can’t you just look at the positions of the moon and sunlight?

I thought nighttime on the exiled lands is often no fun, as it costs time.

Better question is if nighttime is an ingredient to make magic work. Do some things only work at night? If not then maybe the entire nighttime mechanics need to be removed.

It’s true that playing on night time is somewhat tedious, but i like the idea of having darker nights, it’s a survival game after all and imo, nights should be more dangerous.

Would be awesome to see longer day/night cycles with animals and human NPCs acting accordingly, sleeping through the night and other animals hunting at that time as random encounters.

For now, having littler visibility makes the game dangerous enough for me and i like to actually need to carry light sources. In TIoS that’s not the case, night time is very bright.

Yeah, night time could be somewhat darker. This is brighter than even the desert nights in Exiled Lands. I just hope they don’t make it as dark as the highlands or the jungle.

Uh, no thanks. At least, not on officials. If you want the game to deal random damage you can’t predict, prepare for, defend from, or do anything about, then make it opt-in. I personally don’t see anything fun in it.

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Hey Grymm,

I have moved this post to the Isle of Siptah subforum as it provides feedback on the DLC. The thread will be seen regardless.

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I do not want to see this if it causes damage to structures. I am not really sure there is even a need for a whole map meteor storm.


I am not a fan of things “randomly” causing damage. I understand that you suggest that it is an option, but sometimes it makes it hard to know if a game BUG destroyed part of a building (or thrall) or if it is the “random” lightning damage. There is enough in the game to keep you on your toes.

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Anything colored green will be darker.

This is just from a technical view of people who don’t adjust their gamma. :innocent:

in subject of darker nights I agree with notion to make them darker

I completely agree! I really love the new map but the night has to be distinguished more. It has to be dark. It adds SO much to the ambiance of the game. Even though its a pain at times. It needs to be dark at night.

Lightening rods could be another building piece. Thats a good idea.

Me votes against.

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I completely agree.

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