Stop the constant FU***** rain!

You are not some little indie developer. Stop working on everything else and just fix the damn weather system so when it starts raining it doesn’t go on forever!!! The most interesting regions in the game (for someone that has played desert from day one and is tired of it) are plagged by this.

And you know it is a bug because all you have to do is restart the game and you come back to a clear sky until it starts raining 5 mins after!

Just fix it damn it. How many more posts do you need to understand this is aggravating as hell!


In polite wording: yes the middle north regions would become suitable for living without 24/7 rain, both inside and outside.


I probably wouldn’t word it quite like that, but yeah the constant rain is the main thing keeping me from ever setting up shop up in a lot of otherwise very pretty northern locations.

It’s similar to a lesser extent in the swungle as well, but the rain doesn’t feel quite as cold and dreary there as it does in the north. Though there you do still get the annoying feeling of everything always looking wet even inside your house.


What amuses me is you can walk for hours in the rain and still die of thirst… :rofl::exploding_head:



Rough day OP?

I too would prefer that they reduce the frequency/duration of the northern rain. I would also prefer that posters be nicer and more civil in airing their grievances. At this point, I’m not sure which of these preferences is more likely to actually happen.


I must agree with you @Robarbarian. There was no need for him to rage out there. Although I must confess, I also got a good laugh from your post when you mentioned the ‘airing of grievances’. Reminded me of a classic television moment:

Frank Costanza: “At the Festivus dinner, you gather your family around, and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year! Welcome, newcomers. The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now you’re gonna hear about it!” :slight_smile:

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At the very least, allow a setting for Admins to adjust the frequency down - and it it did indeed rain that much, I expect flooding effects… @Jens_Erik :smiley:


Maybe OP needs to challenge Jens to a feat of strength?

In all seriousness, I think people use gaming forums to blow off a bit of steam… at least it’s safer than road rage. Funny how Festivus started out of the need for George’s dad to find a better way of dealing with aggravation.

Klarum’s underlying complaint is legit though.


can someone explain why ppl dont like rain in this game so much?..i found it lovely.

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I like the rain, it just gets dreary as it seems to rain most of the time in the north. It gets oppressive and many people have commented that they’d like it toned down (not removed).

The annoyance is compounded by the fact that the wetness effect is bugged, so whenever it rains everything indoors gets wet, which in the north is often. This makes living in the north/jungle much less appealing.

Apparently this bug is a difficult fix, but it’s a highly desired one according to votes on the Trello Bug Report.


I do like the rain, I just feel that it is far too frequent in some areas. I agree that it definately needs to be dialed back in the Highlands biome. It kind of detracts from the serenity and beauty of that area.

Jungle biome doesnt bother quite as much. The many swamps and levels of greenery there betray a high level of annual rainfall (god I sound like a meteorologist…). Moreover, I feel that the always wet, tropical monsoon/rainforest feel are a big part of what gives that biome its unique feeling. Well thats just me anyway.

I definately like the idea Northryder had of a frequeny slider for the admin panel.


It makes my body paint run, my hair a mess and didn’t affect the dragon breathing fire at me earlier…


It’s coarse and rough… and it gets everywhere… Oh wait, we’re talking about RAIN… my apologies.

I hate rain inside my house.

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Agree, i think something like 70% sunny to 30% rain would be a decent ratio. That makes the rainy days and thunderstorms feel more special, also it would make the wet inside buildings feel less present. It’s 2 flies in one hit.


It is true, in the highlands, the rain is a bit excessive imo. Not as awful I would say as most people on here say, but then again, I do not spend most time there, so not sure if I´ve just been a bit lucky so far. But props to the devs for making a complex rain animation that looks pretty damn amazing for a sandbox! The rain effects on objects´ textures are on point.

Same. I wouldn’t say “more please!” but I like the amount as it is. They just need to make it so the rain doesn’t come through the ceilings…

I like how it rains in half my roofed house and the other half is dry. When i move into the dry area the rain stops. When i move into the rainy area the who place is drenched.

My beautiful confused house

arent you have house placed betwen zones?