Please lessen the rain

So is it me or is it incessantly raining 24/7 now in the highlands and mounds of the dead. It’s always been on the annoying end but this is ridiculous.

Plus I notice it affects frame rates to some degree.

Can the frequency be substantially reduced? This is pacific north west weather…and annoying af


I’ve pretty much always felt like that about the highlands. I have enough of that weather in the PNW in real life, I don’t need it in my favorite game. That’s why I build in the desert :smiley:


Lol ya be nice if the developers realized it’s annoying as hell so why build there and then reduce the map building areas more so …… but I don’t see them bothering if it’s been this long then …. But it really should be adjusted funcom …. Really

I think you and I are in a minority when it comes to the highlands weather, @Bradd :wink:

I wouldn’t mind it reduced, but I’m not holding my breath :slight_smile:

Oh, and @erjoh, I owe you a beer, or a beverage of your choice. I just discovered this band thanks to you. I hope they have other songs as awesome as that one.


I’ll hold you to it when we get together some day.

Oh and remember what this game truly is…

I just got my car back and back listening to my tunes in the air and not with my pods. So much better experience.


I hate play jungle\highlands because of 24\7 rain. Most of people dont even bother to settle there, making other locations overpopulated.
I get weather supposed to be wet at those biomes, but cheses, you cant find place on earth with constant rain not today, not 30000 BC, so pls, stop it.! Single rain + fog per day would be enought.

100% agree, I love both the jungle and north, not really mounds, it’s just too dark, but the constant :cloud_with_rain: really puts me off and makes me not want to stay in these areas!
I don’t know why anyone thought it would be a good idea, I mean it literally rains for several realtime hours and then stop for some minutes, and then starts an insane rain shower again, and almost always with thunder and lightning… It is just so… Depressing! :roll_eyes:
It feels like some said… WHOAH, we made the thunderstorms look so cool, we have to show it to the players as much as possible :joy:

I love the rain because of it i build on higlands, the gray days and the sad music, make a perfect environment, and also because the rain the sunny days in there ar really amazing.


I have my main base at the edge of the jungle. I kinda feel like it rains more often there than the highlands tbh.

It does. But it’s a rain forest so what ya going to do?

Sad personal fact. This was a song I shared with a friend and previous coworker that lost her battle to cancer just last year. Her peace is finally obtained.

on my ps5 - and before on my ps4pro i never have seen rain

I’m in the mounds of the dead in an area where it’s almost always foggy and raining. Personally I really like it, not sure if the others around me do, but there sure are a lot of bases in the Mounds (not just wheels), so I can’t be the only one!

The occasional time where it gets sunny is something kinda fun and different, but I personally don’t have an issue with the amount of rain :slight_smile: just figured I’d add another opinion to the conversation!

I actually love the rain and would prefer more wind and thunder/lightning effects. Ever since they patched out the problem with wet surfaces inside structures the jungle is my favorite place to build.

What would be really cool, imo, would be off the jungle followed the day/night cycle where the rain mostly happens in the evening and at night and the morning and day are generally sunny.

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I don’t know how their weather system currently works, but I think some time limits would be good.

Like the time it rains for would be random, but not exceed 4 in-game hours. Then after rain has stopped, it cannot rain again for at least 12 in-game hours.


What’s goofy is when you go into admin and set it to o for the severity it cleans up the it nicely but 10 mins later it’s raining cats and dogs again so it’s a temp fix have to do every 10 mins lol

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