Love the rainy day,why can't see the rainy day on SP now?

Before the Big Update , we can see the rain at Asgard, but now the weather seems been removed.Hope someday can add it back.

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What are you talking about? :slight_smile:

To me it looks like it is always raining at the north and in the swungle too. It is almost too much rain.
And I am playing on official server without mods.

What ? You have rain ? :roll_eyes:

Give it to me :sweat_smile:

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Oh no, not that one again. x_x

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So maybe I can finally get an answer on this: are weather effects disabled when playing offline/hosting co-op? I have never seen rain, was shocked when I heard people complaining it was raining too much (literally had no idea the game even had rain) then read there’s some kind of issue where the host won’t ever see weather.

I don’t care if i only see rain once a month, I’m a patient guy, but it’d be nice to know it’s actually there and not some crappy bug they’re neglecting to fix. Feels like everyone has dynamic weather except me.


SP now doesn’t rain~

Oh so you guys talking about SP I see now.

And tbh when I was in single player back in EA couldn’t remember raining. Not once.

But on the official servers it is almost constantly raining. On PC.
So maybe you should edit the title. or the OP to indicate it is a single player problem.

And @devs if you see this PLZ turn down the rate for raining on official servers.

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No rain, snow, meteors on singleplayer, our hosted server…

that´s weird…

I have never seen any weather effects besides sandstorms on official servers on PS4.

Hey! I love rainy days too! Bring’em back indeed!:joy:

yes,no matter the roof can block the rain or not , i really hope they add back rainy weather~

It’s definitely bug.After the game premiere I have never seen rain or snow on single player.It’s sad that Funcom does not care.

We do care, in fact. :b And have been investigating this. I suggest looking at this thread here that we’ve been talking in about this:

There’s a strange workaround for now until this is updated, and that is to change your game’s language. People said this works on official servers, but see if it helps on singleplayer. We are investigating this though so thank you for your patience!


Thanks Nicole for the note, I was wondering if the devs were getting the message about the weather, and you assure me that they do and are looking into it. I play on SP PC and the only other little bug is you can’t grind scarlet lotus yet but not game breakers at all. I sort of don’t understand the changing language for rain, I am in USA and defaults to English, so if I change the game language to German, then it rains? But I don’t speak German. Do you change it to a differnt language and then back to English?

Anyway thanks for the note on weather.

I hope you know about the problem please fix as soon as it happens