Weather system? Rain? Armors getting wet?

Heard some people talk about this haha sure they have to be trolling me, 400h played and I dont recall seeing any rain whatsoever.

“The new system adjusts the weather based on what area you are in. As the weather grows more severe your surroundings can become more foggy or windy. It can start snowing and a light rain can grow in intensity and build into a full on thunderstorm with lighting strikes. In rain you can see your clothes get wet and see puddles forming on the ground.”

Ah, so its true? I’d say I cant believe it…but then what would I say when people say the workaround to this is setting your game in english?? Sorcery finally implemented??

Not the first time I hear about this workaround, as it seems the light armor journal bug is also tied to servers language, with lots of people in us servers saying weather, journal etc is working perfectly.

If I say this once more, im sure some demon like Candyman will appear through the mirror…but im gonna risk it!

Funcom…please…fix it!


Since the exit of the early access I have not seen anything of inclement weather and I have also noticed that the temperature system does not affect much as before

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I’ve played 300+ hours and haven’t seen any rain at all.


Sometimes there are frequient rain in the highland for days, and I joined after official release.

Everything gets wet, yes, but I do not notice the temperature changes

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I found a couple of pics for PROOF! :smiley: Actually weather ‘Sort of Worked’ prior to patch 32 but that is when weather took a crazy turn and actually did work. Built a town on Telith’s Island and it rained A LOT there. Since release…the only ‘Weather’ I have seen in the huge sand storm across the southern middle.


@Spynosaur_Nicole Could you tell us if the developers are working to make this work? I would also say that the tempreratura system is almost non-existent, unless you go far north.

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For those of you who aren’t seeing any rain, is that on an official server? Or solo? Or on private? I know there’s some issue with co-op, where the host won’t see any weather. I’ll check our bug reports real quick though to see what other weather related issues we have logged as well as the status of them meanwhile!

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1976 official PC server never had a rain. When I heard about that thought it was a MOD.

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1025 official server, on pc, I have no rain since release, I also played on private server…no rain.

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Unofficial (leased) vanilla server here without mods.
The issue is inconsistent between servers because I get rain and snow where it belongs.
That is one of the things that leads me to believe it is a database management system issue.

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Mindblown, I also want that game, know where I can get it? XD

Really…how are we not supposed to lose out shipt sometimes, with such bugs?

I have no weather or rain because my official server is set in germany, lol!

PS; that wet floor looks amazing :confused:

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Official Server 1015, lots of people in the server (maybe all) have yet to see any rain.

@Spynosaur_Nicole In both SP (No Server) then now it is Private Server (could have others join). Neither modes have any weather with exception to the sandstorm.

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I play on a private server through Survival Servers and the weather has always worked as normal. The severe thunderstorms at night in the highlands are actually cool but you can’t see anything except for when the lightning flashes. Never noticed changes to the temperatures during them. Purges work normally too for what it’s worth.

I played on server # 1978,1999,1986,1979 and none of the weather works. Also before launching I remember that the temperature system was more changeable but now there is only intense heat in the volcano or intense cold in the snow. Beyond that, it always stays the same without affecting the type of armor you wear … I’ve been wearing armor for cold in the desert and absolutely nothing has happened to me.

Thanks for all the info everyone! I’ll look through it and investigate.


Weather system works like intended on Official PvP 3079 EU (PS4) - Come and join us, enjoy the heavy rain, thunderstorms, blizzards and functional Purges!
Edit: server region added and platform

There is weather in the game? oO
Never saw anything like that besides sandstorms, on PS4.


Plays since 3 weeks on private (g-portal) didn’t touch any settings about weather and nobody ever seen rain or snow… only desert storm.

In the g-portal setting I only see a desert storm setting on/off. Maybe you need more options ? I didn’t realise weather changement was a thing.

It rains in the Highlands, lightning and all. I play on a private server.