Weather system? Rain? Armors getting wet?

I am also running a g-portal server. There is a lot of rain and thunderstorms, at least in the jungle.


Lot of rain up north in the forested area on my private g portal server.

No weather on private G-portal server for my part, no rain, no snow.

Hi Nicole,

Private server here. Not rain, nor snow at all. Only sandstorms.

Thanks for asking.

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First rain ever seen, so cool! It was in the highlands, were as many say, it rains non stop! Also some storm sounds I never heard so far.

The workaround (as the FIX must come from Funcom) is changing my game language, from spanish to english!

Not that I love changing it to english after 400h played but I want my rain and wet surfaces already, cant wait till I get to 1000h xD


Do you mean you changed your server language to EN or your in game language ? Because on my G-portal server setting is on EN and I haven’t got any rain or other and our base is in the HighLands.

As I stated, in caps and bold, its an OFFICIAL SERVER where I can’t change anything.

The server is g-portal as well, located in germany, and the server language is german as when I die, the death message is in german (very funny xD).

I changed the language on my game client, which was on spanish, and kept playing on the official server, located in germany, but now the rain is fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really?? I will try this too.

Ty for the info!!

Whaaaaaat. What a strange fix! Well, I’ll add this to the bug report. So weird! If it works, great!
If anyone else who isn’t seeing rain in the north tries this, let me know if it works for you. Thanks everyone!

I know, its such a strange workaround I thought it meant sorcery was finally implemented ingame haha.

But really, this is not even my idea, I found it in this very forums and also steam forums, with some more people fixing it the same way!

“XHead 5 JUN a las 21:44
I was using other than english language, when i changed the game language to english, i’ve started having rain and snow.”

"Mirehna 1 JUN a las 14:58

Der Tobi:
Try switching to english. Just try it.

Thanks at all Tobi. dosent know why the f it works but switching from german to english made it for me O.o "

“Kane Shuri [FR] 1 JUN a las 22:55
Incredible! My game is set to French by default, and i tried to put it in English for see, and indeed when i crossed the border to enter the jungle… the rain appeared ! o_O
Thanks at all for the tips. :steamhappy:”

Etc xD

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interesting, but…I change to english (from french) language, and still nothing (i am in the jungle, I don’t know how offten it rain there.)
and also:

Aedensin [possède Conan Exiles] 5 juin à 22h14
I’ve been using only english, and still no weather.

I’ll try changing my language settings and see what happens.
Aedensin [possède Conan Exiles] 6 juin à 5h18
Tried playing in German, Italian, and English. Still no rain or snow.

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Okay, It rain ! with inglish language, no raine since release, the fix work for me…

Magically it works xD It has no logic jaja


As a temporary solution is perfect, I just hope you fix it in a next patch: D

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Playing on testlive. English language. No rain for almost a week (irl) :frowning:

Private Server. Checked English…was already set. Played 3 hrs tonight to see if I can get rain where I KNOW it rains a lot…and not a drop nor snowflake nearby up in the hills.

Yes, but this is not a quote battle dude, I just quoted some people who said the fix worked, like me, to show the Community Manager it was a crazy fix, but working for many, nobody said it was an universal fix.

At least I report the bugs and share solutions, while you seem to think showing it didnt work for you or others makes me responsible of anything XD

Also, if you wanted to prove useful, which server you playing on would have been.

COOL! I see you posted another message, after your “quotes message”, absolutely contradicting yourself.

So you test something, have a wrong impression (because you said it didnt work) and then post opposite feed back, when we have a problem of confusing feed back.

Hurray for you dude XD

And yes, of course more people reporting it works. I am here just to fix things for myself, and if it works for others, great. As ridiculous as this fix sounds, guess how many people will get this fixed due to me posting this (like with killable thralls in pve, purge broken, etc etc) and even Funcom to realize about this bug / fix.

PS: Please post your server type, as in a few places where I found this fix, after people reporting it works / it doesn’t for them, they concluded this fix probably only works on official servers which main language is not english, like the eu pve servers which are located in Germany.

This way we limit the confusing feed back , if devs or cm’s can clearly see a pattern like the one Im talking about.

yes but I said i did’n know how often it rain in swamp. And I was sceptical, because of other messages of steam forum.

In my case I play in the server # 1986 Latin American PVP, I do not know which is the default language. I guess English or Portuguese (since the host is probably in Brazil). I had my game set up in Spanish, then I changed it to English and when going north it was raining.

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I get rain in my official server on the swamp area with some thunder and snow in the north, I play on xbox though and they go right though the ceiling though as if there was nothing there, still better than no weather I suppose.

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