Weather in game for the first time


Wow, after patching today for the first time ever it’s raining in my game :smiley: I like it :slight_smile:


Yaaaaaaaay!! Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

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and in 2 day it will be, it never stop to rain in north :stuck_out_tongue:

You may.

Naturally in desert it rains very rarely and very short (thats a well improved feature of the game. I remember first days, still on EA, we had monsoon rains in desert).

I wonder when the Xbox will get weather.:umbrella:

Wait are you all talking about singleplayer/privateserver games having weather?

In my single player game it seems to hardly ever stop raining.
Its raining almost all the time in every biome. I get a brief pause maybe in the after noon but its still over cast, making a great looking game look dull and drab. I hope a server ini. settings is added to help adjust the storms. It should not rain all the time for days on end. Just my two cents.

How depressing. Single-player here, and the only weather I’ve seen is the sandstorm. I’ve been in the jungle for days on end, spent about a day in the swamp…need to make some warmer gear before I go back to the north, but still. No weather whatsoever. I’d love to see some rain.

I am building my base near the mound of the dead and since 10 hours it rained nonstop. The area is depressing enough but the nonstop rain really is too much.

Seems the trick was to complain about it in the forums. Whine about not having weather, exit forums, boot game, go to see if canopy in jungle is fixed yet (it is!), and shazam–RAIN. Wet fx on armor and skin, visible raindrop impacts on armor…delightful.

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