Still wrong weather

Please be as descriptive as possible!

Game mode: Online and Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: EU
In testlive pc i saw that for example in the north should be rain but we still have sandstorm looking weather. Also if I remember right month ago we had snow storms in the far north, have they been removed?

Repro steps:

  1. go to highlands or just notdürftig before snow
  2. wait for weather changing
  3. see wrong weather system
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bump this, havent seen any rain or storm effects in the game beside sandstorms in the desert. pve official/singleplayer

Can confirm, no weather at all, and sometimes sandstorm occurs without visual effect, you onky get damage.

I keep hearing about weather effects. I even seen a few videos with it and thought… wow that would be cool.
So does the xbox just not have any? I have seen plenty of sandstorms.

I can confirm that there is weather in the north/forest area and jungle on Xbox One X. In fact, it is raining almost constantly when I enter those areas. There is thunder and lightning also. I’m sorry to hear you aren’t experiencing it.