Not raining on Xbox one?

Hi guys, I have Conan Exiles on Xbox one, a long time play this game in single player (off line) i not seen something :roll_eyes:… WHERE THE RAIN !? THE SNOWING ?! only desert storm. I explored almost the whole map, no rain!
On the PC version, the graphics are much better and it’s raining!

Why xbox no?

I have this issue too. It’d be cool to see rain!

it’s really absurd! the Xbox version is so downgrade from that PC, no footprints! no water that moves when touched! no rain! what a disappointment! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I use PS4 and did not even know there was rain or snow. Lol. I think these weather attractions are not available on the consoles. Yet.

Here on a base xbox one. My base is in the Swungle and I have whole in-game days where the rain won’t stop. Believe me when I say that the rain is not that great. It makes everything way darker then what needs to be. One great thing though is the lightning that comes with the rain. Imagine barely being able to see past torch light at night then BAM! A flash of lightning lights up the whole map in a white light for a second then everything goes back to being able to barely seeing your hands in front of your face.

I think it’d be really cool to have rain on the Xbox One. I’ve seen how dark it can get on PC. It’d add some dynamic to the jungle. It’d be really awesome. I’ve always loved rain.

There is rain on xbox one.

I’ve never seen any. There’s a base I was building in the jungle and days would go by without a single drop.

I’ve seen someone say it might have to do with single player/multiplayer. For some reason, it doesn’t rain in single player. I don’t want to try multiplayer to find out. lol.
Are you talking about multiplayer?

Yes I’m playing in multiplayer.

Doesn’t work on single player, for some reason.

Suggest a PvE server then. If you have friends you can play with it makes gathering so much better.

ridiculous that the rain works only in multiplayers, I play offline and the game is much faster and without lag.
I refuse to believe!

I knew that Xbox is back of the PC version, but not so much! Xbox version is equivalent to the PC version medium / low resolution. :tired_face:

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