Still NO RAIN - on the whole map! [closed]

Game mode: Singleplayer newest version
Problem: Bug
Region: Whole Map

Play in SP, there is no Rain!!! Fix that, the game needs rain! This bug is now known for decades. Please fix!

And snow is missing too!!! Are you serious?

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Idk why you release dlc when fundamental bugs still handicap the main game


No. not yet…

THIS was NOT listed in the patch list, they are still working on this though and it is just a matter of time when they actually fix the weather but currently weather is still broken on PC SP and others. FunCom knows about it and are looking into the reasons for this, patience grasshopper, I REALLY miss the rain also on my PC SP PVP, but his issue could be VERY deep hence why it is taking time, PLUS it is really NOT a game breaker, just an immersion mechanic that all of us miss. It seems intermittent though as on servers if you join a server, some players will see the rain / snow, and some playes don’t see weather and the server admin doesn’t either I believe, and these bugs take a lot longer to track down and fix.

Appreciated your share

I can confirm that I am getting full weather affects on SP and on my dedicated server and so are my clanmates. So this bug most be situational somehow as it’s not happening to everyone. Definitely sad for you on this the weather affects especially lightning storms add alot to the game.

GRAV- how did you set up your SP? Anything special? I even tried the change language and nothing. I switched to French as I actually can read that, however it didn’t bring rain, lighting storms or snow.

I actually didn’t do a single thing I loaded the game and hit single player and have not had any issues having weather. I’m not using any mods on single player ethier so not sure

Ah, I was afraid of that, this weather bug is going to be hard to find I think. Intermittent bugs and situational bugs like this are the worse to find. I sorely miss the rain and lightning storms they were so very cool before patch 32 or 33 and then nothing after that. They were trying to do some tweaking with the weather system making the weather act more realistically all over the map.

I mean it didn’t rain in the way north by the Frost Temple, it snowed. It didn’t snow much in the mid northern area around New Asagarth, but it did rain a lot and around the Chaos Mouth where I preferred to base build it had rain and lightning storms a lot.

Well hopefully the devs will figure this weather issue out. Thanks GRAV for the reply.

Please no rain it’s just annoying. It serves no use other than the sound driving me insane. Please no rain.

Weather is part of Conan Exiles, has been since EA and it was well done. The weather will be fixed, so I guess we lose another player if you so choose, but I REALLY want the rain / snow back ASAP.

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the best solution would be a possibility to switch on/off the weathersystem, especially on SP. It’s still difficult to make everybody happy, we have all different tastes and wishes, don’t forget.
Also while i love weather, rain, snow on so on, i can imagine a better way the weather is implemented. Personnaly i love harsh weather, but i love also a cozy feel inside, which is very difficult to achieve when all looks wett also inside.

So i can well understand that some don’t love it. Best would be a choice, like still.

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Having the option on a single player game is fine and even having a server setting for it but as for individuals being able to disable it that’s a HARD NO. Would change PVP to greatly

I agree, but we’re talking about weather, or not existent weathersystem in singleplayer here.
On servers weather should at least be same for all player, which isn’t the case all the time nor.
You can also have 2 people standing nearby at the same location and experimenting different weather. That’s not fine to.

I agree also there does seem to be some weird zone checks for that too. I was standing about 3 meters ahead of a clan mates I had a thunderstorm he had clear whether. When we swapped places it was the same he had it didn’t seems odd that such a small gap meant no visible lightning

I have now rain in the Swamps. Don’t ask how.

This was fixed for me in my SP PC PVP awhile ago, not sure how just very happy to have the weather on again.

Yeah me too. Makes a huge difference.