Weather system is totally broken in PC SP/Co-op! Is it going to be fixed for us at some later date?

Game mode: Single Player
Problem: Misc.
Region: US

Since patch 32 or 33 we have had no weather effects on any PC Single Player / Co-Op server. I know the devs have to prioritize the many bug fixes and ensure that fixing bugs doesn’t break anything else, but is there a plan to fix this for us Single Player users? Or are we forced into creating a dedicated server in order to turn on our weather effects again? BTW how do I actual set my PC to a dedicated server, and can I still use it as a computer for my personal business? If I set this dedicated server up, I can be on it but I have read that the owner of the server will NOT see weather but any player that joins my server will see weather? Is this a fact?
Please, please fix our weather system on PC SP…please…anyone…out there? Is there a timer that is supposed to fire in order for weather to start on single player servers? I know that is has only been about 10 days since CE went live. Will my weather start after so many REAL LIFE days?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start Conan Exiles
  2. Start new game
  3. Wait for 40 game days and 40 game nights and see that there is no rain or snow anywhere.
  4. Wait for 40 RL days and 40 RL nights to see if it starts raining? THat would be around June 17th or 18th real time, real date.

Weather was always broken, I would be happy for having no rain at all. Rain is 1 of 2 reasons why I will never again build in highlands


Not always broken, (a matter of opinion maybe, before they went live it was pretty much fine for me. Not raining inside buildings, but there was still a “wet” effect showing and you could ‘see’ rain drops on your character. I like the weather and build in the highlands just north of Chaos Mouth BECAUSE of the random rain. Didn’t like the way north areas would be SO cold up there. I liked the weather system BEFORE the release and hope that they fix it sometime for us PC SP servers.

Every time my husband goes into co-op in the Swungle on my server it rains on his computer. Not just some times or half of the time but quite literally every time. It’s usually thunderstorms for the entire time he is in the jungle while my screen is blindingly bright with no rain ever. So here he is running around with a torch in the daylight on my screen which is a bit immersion breaking. He also refuses to live in the jungle because of it and I really want to build another base there! Think of all the feathers I could be gathering!

So you just start the game per normal SP / Co-op and he can join and see rain? Grrrrrr…I just hope that the devs plan to fix this sometime for us. I am worried as it is NOT an important enough bug for them to fix, but I don’t know the mind of the devs…

The moment he sets foot in the jungle area it starts raining non-stop and this is every time he goes to the jungle.
It’s just a normal Single Player/ Co-op game.

In time I hope that they do fix it, but I understand that some bugs should take priority. Still love the game, even though my husband has a rain forest while I have a sunny paradise. Hehe.

Weird, you would think that if your single Co-op has weather it should works on all single co-op. You are on PC correct? Well at least you confirmed that is not just me although I knew that but it helps to have it confirmed.

I am debating uninstalling and reinstalling Conan Exiles again. I read that someone did that and it finally started to rain on his SP server, however I did NOT delete the entire Conan Exiles Steam directory. Maybe I will do that and see what happens.

Could you let us know your results? This is becoming a fairly common issue and I’ve only seen one report of a full reinstall fixing it.

Same here, I have only read where ONE SP server actually fixed the rain with a reinstall of the game. I have just had my internet upgraded from a 4.0 MBs to a whopping 8.9 MBs download limit. My current download speed has exceeded 15,9 constantly with a speed test, so perhaps downloading the game again will NOT take two days. I will keep you posted on this.


Okay download only took about 10 hours, been playing for a while, many game days, and still no rain, snow so the uninstall and deleting Conan Exiles directory on Steam, then re-install it did not fix my weather on PC SP PVP. hmmmmmm…

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There’s a checkbox I noticed recently, regarding severity and frequency of weather. Might kick it way high, and see what effect that has? There’s a fog setting also near it tmk.

I noticed that and set them both to 100 with no effect…just have to wait for FunCom to figure it out…they are aware of the problem and are investigating it.