[PC] No Rain or Snow for Solo/Co-op Hosts

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug

While playing solo, or hosting a co-op game, there is no rain or snow for the host while connected clients experience weather normally.

First experienced in the jungle, I thought it was normal for there to be no weather until a friend joined my game and mentioned it was raining. After that, I went to the highlands and realized it no longer rains at all. An area where it used to rain very frequently now receives no weather.

I checked my weather settings in the admin panel and they are all default, same as before release when I was able to see rain and snow.

Others have come forward on the Steam forum stating they are experiencing the same issue.

Repro steps:

  1. Start a new solo/co-op save.
  2. Go to the jungle or highlands and wait.
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I haven’t seen rain since around a week before release. Maybe there was a patch that broke it back then.
I play single player.

I am worried about that, I LOVE The rain effects, I have not noticed it yet though but I haven’t moved up around the norther area where it seems to rain more.

A couple weeks ago I moved to a location specifically ‘because’ it rained a lot. A few days later, no more rain ever again. This was along the green wall of death to the swamp in the north east of the desert.

Dito. Single / Koop or privat Server. No Rain, no Snow. Is there any Server.config “thing” we have to do?

I just searched through all of the server config files and didn’t see anything regarding weather or rain.

OP here says he reinstalled the game and it started raining.

Would you let us know if it starts raining for you, if you attempt the reinstall? My ISP will cut my internet if I use too much data, and need to know if it’s worth the risk.

Haha. Sure thing.

I tether to my phone and ‘hide’ the fact that I’m tethering from my service provider so they don’t throttle my bandwidth. My ISP here sucks…

I do the same! But my ISP can sniff data usage like an internet blood hound :neutral_face:

Finally finished the download, game starts okay, have only been in about one hour so I can’t say anything about if the re-install fixed the rain issue.

Still having the issue with flawless and exceptional Vanir Settlers Loincloth / skirt, there is no Dye option and it doesn’t show up on my character at all. The Normal Vanir Settler skirt does but not the exceptional or flawless.

Anxious to see about the rain…I will try to go north where I usually build my base and check the jungle later today. Perhaps I will get rain.

No rain or snow yet and I have started a few new games to test enclosing the map room.

Not sure if this can be fixed…I like the solo play but miss my rain…oh well maybe later on during this las game

I have been playing for about ten hours today and nada rain or snow…so sad…Almost to the point of not playing anymore until the rain is fixed on solo single player PC.

Yep weather is broken. Its beutyful part of the game, fix that please

It’s broken only on singleplayer or if you are host on coop game. I just setup my private dedicated server and join there just for rain/snow, there works fine

I thought that too, but someone in another thread said none of the players on their dedicated server can see the rain either.

Just attempted deleting the entire Saved folder in ConanSandbox for a 100% fresh start.

After having Steam validate and download the repaired files, I made a new save (no mods) and first went to the highlands, and then to the jungle. Still no rain.

Yeah it definitely is broken TOTALLY. I only hope that the devs don’t consider weather being broken on single player / co-op important enough NOT to fix.

I understand if you go online to play it works on most servers but I have not had the chance to see that as the servers are still full.

I have said it before and will say it again…i miss the rain, weather, snow…

In ps4 i dont see rain anyday and i play some hours at day since the first day