No snow or rain weather effects

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Misc

The snow and rain effects in the Frozen North/Highlands and Swungle do not seem to be working. I’ve spent a huge amount of time in the north and have yet to see any snow/snow storm effects or rain in the highlands.

I realise this may be of little interest to many players, but it’s a real bummer for me. I really like immersing myself in these types of games, and one of the main reasons I decided to build up north was to experience the cold weather effects. It’s a bit of an immersion killer.

Hopefully you can fix this soon!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Move to Frozen North/Highlands or the Swungle in Singleplayer game
  2. Spend time in these zones
  3. Notice lack of weather effects!

Quite a few of us are interested in this. There are already several reports on the matter.
It’s definitely broken in SP/co-op.

Sadly not only on SP /Co-op, on privatservers too.

The big patch bevor leaving EA broke the weather system…no rain, no snow,no meteors nothing

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Oh yeah, I think I have seen some people mention it was a problem on private servers as well.

That’s true. I haven’t seen rain in about a month.
Right before the update that broke it, I moved my entire base to the entrance of the swamp where it seemed to rain 24/7. After a few days the patch hit. Not a single drop of rain since.


Oh, you haven’t been getting meteors? I’ve been getting those and sandstorms, just not the rain and snow…

Oh yeah, I get meteors too. Lots of them.

We got meteors :confused: but we don´t * see * them falling, i mean i like the sandstorm but i like the rain too and the thunderstorm and the snow…so please fix this thx -.- ( and the rest like the soundtrack)

same for me on private server, meteors are falling from the sky, but no rain, no storm or whatever…
Sun and clouds is the only thing i see but teamates on the server say they do see weather changes happening, so i’m just clueless.

Does anyone know if they’re aware of this problem, or if they’ve acknowledged it yet?

They haven’t acknowledged it publicly as far as I can tell. But I’m sure they’re aware of it as we’ve been talking about it for weeks on the forums. There’s no way they could ‘not’ be aware of it by now. They’re active on here, though barely.

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I’m kinda putting off playing until it’s fixed.

I know it! I moved to a spot before the rain was broken just because it seemed to rain there all the time.
A few days later, no more rain… ever… anywhere.

I had to change the culture of the server to fix bugs with “put on light armor” and “create an iron tool.” Now I have a constant rain. I’m not sure that it will ever end.

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Confirm i change language and its rain again seem a language path issue

Please clarify. What do you mean by steam langue and langue path? What’s langue? I suggest if English is not your first {language?}.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

yea language change in some ingame it dont change but i got my rain back :smiley:

I’m the same as Scorpiondog, in that I don’t quite understand what you’re saying. Could you please clarify on how you were able to fix the weather?

to see the weather effects I had to change the language ingame as soon as I switch back it is gone again

interesting…so if i set the language to english i’ll be then able to get rain on my server, that’s why other players DO see rain and me not.
I’ll have to check that to confirm, but i’m not sure if i want to get a constant rain here… :slight_smile:
Anyway thanks guys for the feedback.

Hey, thanks for the clarification! Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to fix the weather for me as far as I could tell (spent 35-40mins running around the North and the Highlands with no snow/rain).

Anyone else have any luck with this fix?