No snow or rain weather effects

In the control panel of the server (if you use your own rented server) there is a setting for “server culture”. It defines the players and serves as a filter, for example “Russian” players prefered, “English” prefered and it determines the language of communication in the general chat. By default, it is set by your nation(russian for me) and is not associated with localization. I personally use English localization because of errors in the Russian translation. (For example, the meat axe was translated as a “cleaver”, but in Russian it’s an axe ONLY for firewood and I did not even think of using it for cutting animals).
Very strange, but bugs with the weather and some stages of the journey disappear if you set the server culture as English, even if you use a different language.

As always, this bug has been reported since the beta, I think from a year now… Still there, this occurred on private server mostly.

I have the no weather bug in single player, and looking at the ini files, server culture is set to english (as is the language).

ok thanks.
Anyway i have decided to not deal with endless raining weather, so i won’t change anything and let the devs do their thing :slight_smile:

I want endless rain! But I can’t get any at all. I tried changing the language and culture settings, it didn’t help.

you’re crazy mate :smiley: !!!
if i get some at some point i’ll send it to your SP game then :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I saw it when I was on your server. So maybe I’ll have to move there after all…

that’s a sign of destiny indeed…
All other players on the server do see rain and storms but not me…

Good god no thank ýou. I don’t mind the rain outside, but I’m sick of the entire contents of my house inside looking wet. The wet gloss shine or soaked carpets all the time isn’t a good look.

The weather works on the official server that I joined. So I started a new single player game without mods, making sure the language was set to English. Still no inclement weather at all - except for the sandstorm.

Will this ever be fixed? Or at least addressed? Almost feels like we’re being ignored.

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Same here, I have the unfortunate feeling that this MAJOR weather bug is NOT going to ever be fixed for PC SP. Which is a shame. Weather has been around for decades on games, Never winter Nights had weather that never broke. It was patch 32 or 33 that broke the weather on PC SP, the patch notes specifically state that they were revamping the weather system starting with 32 and voila, broken weather…

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Anyone had any luck with their SP/COOP weather yet? I’ve tried all the various fixes that have been mentioned by others, but it looks like I’m still experiencing no weather.

Bit of a bummer really…

On my private Server i build near the lake arround the nothern aqueduct and its raining for days until is stops for like one day. Then it rains again for 3 days.
I like immersion but i want less rain :slight_smile:

I uninstalled Conan Exiles, deleted all of the files off of the Steam directory for CE, reinstalled Conan Exiles, it took less than nine hours. My new internet speed is great. When I last downloaded Conan Exiles it took two days and some change. I am much happier not, however I haven’t started a new game yet to see if I have any weather effects on my PC SP PVP yet. I will do so tonight maybe, depends on if I get sleeping. I will let you know if I get rain now.

I explained what is happening to weather in this thread. It is related. The English Language Fix is only part of the issue. It is simply how the programmers are handling their implementation of Weather Volumes on the Client Side triggering this. I have my own weather systems in Unity, UE4, NWN 1 & 2, and Skyrim. All function the same and work in a fully networked environment (NWN 1&2, Unity, UE4). I immediately saw saw how they implemented their weather system along with how the material works in CE (making things wet/shiny).

It does make a difference which mode the game is in (Server/SP) but it is in reference to the translations for the GUI…but…somehow they have encapsulated lots of other variables under this umbrella. By mistake? Or on purpose? Not sure to be honest. Definitely needs to be re-written though…unfortunately…this would be a big one.

Info/Pics Here:

Finally, raining in SP/CP mode. Thanks for fixing it.:smiley:

WAIT I don’t understand the fix, HOW exaactly do I get it raining in SP again, please elaborate and clearly explaing how i can do it please!!!

Thank you much

Okay, weird, after this hot fix that fixed the inventory screen, I clicked on appy for all of those variable to the Admin screen and changet the language to Spanish then back to English, and admin teleported to the Chaos Mouth of the northern border and there was RAIN…I will have to check on snow and the lightning storms later.

Snowing, Lightning, Thunder are working too.