No snow or rain weather effects

SP seems fixed in this unannounced update today. I checked all biomes. I don’t think it had anything to do with language. Admin’s set target weather severity seems to work now. It takes a couple of minutes to change the weather but it finally works.

It’s nice that weather is working in sp but during rain and snow there is flickering transparency where trees and some rocks are momentarily transparent to the skybox, at regular interval about 2 times per second. It is only present while running or walking. May be specific to AMD graphics cards.

I’m using Nvidia and haven’t seen that issue so far.

Edit: Actually, I do get flickering with some dead NPCs and some large storage chests. It’s intermittent like one out of every ten times I look at one of those objects. But that was happening before snow and rain was working.

How high are your ceilings in the room were the large chests glitch?

I usually only make two level high ceilings, but I notice the chests flickering more often in the NPC cities when running through. So, it’s more common with ones permanent and respawning in the game.

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The solution is found in the final entry of this thread: