No more rain / snowfalls in the north or any other area?

Hi, I’m playing on PC and I haven’t seen any rain / snowfall in the northern biome since update 33, in solo as in private servers i’m playing on.

Is it a bug or is it an option to set in the config settings?


Bug, big big bug…I love the rain and it is gone…

Apparently the host can’t see the rain but connected clients can, according to other bug reports of this nature.

I play on PC SP Should I get rain or not?

You should but not with this bug! It affects single player and co-op. Possibly dedicated servers too, but only for the host.

Drat…I was wondering about the rain I haven’t seen it much of late but had not really checked.

I play on a dedicated PC server, and no one has seen any snow/rain for weeks. It’s not a a solo/coop bug.