No more can I fix it?

Hey guys
A few weeks back I had a mod installed called “It Gon Rain”. The mod turned out to break after an update, and I uninstalled it.
After that, I noticed that the weather in the game has remained broken. It’s sunny, clear skies every day, every where. Highlands, Frozen North, Jungle…everywhere.
This is driving me nuts. I know that the mod must have tweaked settings somewhere, perhaps an .ini or something…but I can’t find any settings that may revert the damage to my weather system.
I have already verified my file integrity. I have even re-installed the game. I even went so far as to completely delete the folder that was left behind on my C drive before re-installing.
To no avail.
I was wondering if someone out there knew how I could re-tweak my in-game weather settings so I could get back the rain?
Thanks in advance!

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Try to go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods” and edit the “modlist.txt” found there. Just delete everything and leave the text file blank. Please post back here to let us know if this helped or not!

I have the same problem on the swamp /wooded area only sandstorm on the desert.Fresh instalation no mods,everything on ultra settings

I’ve looked…but sorry, there is no ‘Mod’ folder in the directory. I know that there used to be when I had mods installed, but I’ve completely reinstalled the game since (after deleting the leftover Conan directory on my C drive after uninstalling) and I haven’t installed mods since.

I’ve been cruising around with a new playthrough in both SP and online, and have yet to see a drop of rain…or even nasty clouds. I’m kind of at a loss…I’m out of ideas on where to look.

I know it’s more cosmetic than anything, but lack of precipitation is a bummer.

Whoah! Out of nowhere it started to rain! But…well… I’m not going to ask any questions. I’ll take it!

But seriously…?

Thanks for the help!

Where the rain started?

Out of the blue, it started as I ran from the desert into the swamps…after not raining for several RL days. Weird that it happened right after I posted the reply above. Almost as if those folks at Funcom were just messing with me :wink:

I have the same problem. Any other tips how to fix it? All ultra settings.

Actualy the same for me…

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i have the same issue on xbox.

No, sorry guys…I just did what I stated above. Full uninstall, delete any remnants of the game folders, reinstall, and not have any ‘Mods’ folder.

Then, the miracle of miracles… sweet rainfall.

I’m pretty sure that I bjorked the weather system myself by installing mods that altered the rainfall.

I don’t think it had anything to do with your mods. There’s a lot of us in SP/Co-op that have no rain, even without having ever used any mods. It seems to have started with update #33 I think.

I may try reinstalling like you did, thanks for posting your solution.

Good luck!

Perhaps the mod thing was just a coincidence. I’ve been reading some of the posts you mentioned, and I was a bit surprised to see just how widespread the problem was.

Okay, I am trying a full uninstall and reinstall, DRAT…hope it works it will be 12 hours or more to complete that download.

Oh good, this means I don’t have to!

I did try deleting various files and having Steam re-download them, such as config files, Weather.pak, etc. No luck. I was able to remove the intro videos though!

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After update 33 i never saw any kind of rain or thunderstorm, only sandstorm. I spend most of the time in the highlands and never saw a single drop after the mentioned update.

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Ah the sweet pain of waiting for Conan Exile to download from Steam…one day plus twelve hours to download the game AGAIN. I won’t be back on until late Sunday. The joys of living in rural Montana you betcha…unhhuh…thumpa thumpa c’mon game download…already…eh…no help no speed no game.

I am upgrading here from 2.0 MBs to 8.0 MBs download speed but they won’t be finished with that until next month…I should have waited…and taken the drought but I just couldn’t think of playing with out that pitter patter on my indulated roofs. I was so thrilled when they finally fixed the rain so that it WOULDN’T rain inside your base, now sigh…waiting…waitinnnnnnnggggggggggg

Lol I know what you mean.

I live in the Seattle area, and the absence of rain in the game was disturbing to me. I gotta have it!

I will let you all know if this reloading of Conan Exiles gives me back the rain. I have hopes that it will but who knows? One day…seven hours to go…Gotta Love My bandwidth…

My ISP sucks too, so I tether to my phone and it’s roughly 12 times faster. I just hide my hotspot usage from the carrier so they don’t throttle it :slight_smile:

I hope the reinstall works!