Fps drops after 2.7 while raining

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: EU
Mods?: NO

Bug Description:

FPS drops after 2.7 update while raining in any location

Installed Mods:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Step 1 - open game, log into server
  2. Step 2 - go to any location with rainy weather (for example Jungle or North biome)
  3. Step 3 - fps drops by 40-50% while raining

Screen 1 raining 27 fps

Screen 2 same location without rain 49 fps

@AndyB please fix that!
Before patch 2.7 i have 49+ fps in that location in any time (day,night, etc).


47 fps at night WITHOUT rain (with rain 25-27!)


The same is happening to me. :sneezing_face:

Even at the lowest settings, the game uses 98-100% GPU in rain. DPS drops by half. In other locations (no rain) it uses 50-70% GPU on high settings.

I can only assume that the raindrops, like the yellow grass on the Isle of Dawn, are not converted to the game element in the editor. Regardless of the drawing distance, it is displayed in the highest quality without texture filtering and any LOD (Level of detail). For now, the jungle is just unplayable for me. Fortunately, my main base is located in the desert. :sun_with_face: :cactus: :desert:


Can one of you give me coordinates to test? I went to a random place in the jungle where it was raining in SP and this is what I have on full ultra + uncapped FPS:

Here, however, I have lower FPS:

I will wait for the rain to stop to see if it will get better. Finally, it stopped raining:

I didn’t get double FPS but there was an improvement. The spot I was using for the test:

TeleportPlayer 369659.09375 134883.0625 -19483.939453


@Narelle, my claim that it takes half the FPS is exaggerated. I play on 30 FPS cap (my eyes never got used to more frames). I checked your coordinates: I had an unstable 17-22 of frames (100% GPU use). My computer howled as if it was being harassed, because the rain required all his power from him - poor thing :face_with_thermometer:

By looking towards the water (east) it was much better, stable 27 FPS, but still 92% of use.


I noticed that as well, I had much better FPS looking towards the water. I have always been under the impression that rain is taxing but I have never really paid attention because I usually cap my game at 60 FPS and I am able to run 60 FPS with the settings and rig I have. What is your GPU?

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I can’t argue with the weather expert @drachenfeles :stuck_out_tongue:


My GPU is GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, graphics settings on high (at 30 fps cap ultra on singleplayer should work well too, but on servers or with mods it’s a bit unstable). I don’t want to tire my PC. So I set high quality and I will avoid the jungle as much as I avoid the Isle of Dawn (for half a year now) :see_no_evil: - yellow grass syndrome.

I would sooner find a mod that removes the rain than scream that I will stop playing Conan if they don’t fix it. Recently, I was playing a new survival game that just reminded me of why I love Conan :heart_eyes:


I haven’t used it for a bit (but it has already been updated today, so should be running fine) - Amunet’s Weather Changes allows the option to set for ‘no rain’ if that’s any good? (Also allows control for less rain for those that just want a reduction).

(If someone can remind me how to turn on the web-addresses in my steam account I’ll happily grab a proper link :wink: )


Could this be because of the change that gets rid of indoor wetness during rain?


I agree, I have no framerate issues when the rain is not happening, but starts to drop a lot when the weather starts. Hopefully they can find the issue for it soon, or give us an option to turn it off for now. I’d miss the rain, but I can live without if need be. xD


Also faced with this problem. If on the morning of December 8 I played on average settings and everything was fine, then after the update the fps drops terribly during the rain. I even set the settings to minimal - it’s still impossible to play. Of course, Genghis Khan also used my system unit instead of a chair, but still such a sharp drop in frames per second is not good


The same problem is happening to me… :worried:

Anywhere on the map it rains, my fps drops and I have lag after update 2.7…

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Any FPS drops with the wetness mod? :stuck_out_tongue:

I play without mods on the official server

I also would suspect the rain occlusion. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


For temporal solution i suggest to use mod Just No Rain Only

It just removes rain from Exiled lands map. No rain = no fps drops.

But i hope that Funcom will fix that issue cause its the main feature of 2.7 patch and its not working well.


Greeting everyone and thank you for providing us with your feedback.

We’ve passed this over to the rest of the team for further investigation. Hopefully this can be improved in one of our future updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we look into this.


Same issue here too. Raining coincided with a significant reduction in FPS, by 20-30 or more at times.

Edit: After further play, it seems this is happening anywhere there are atmospheric particle effects. Getting bad FPS drops from falling snow, and falling ash at the volcano.


Same is happening to me. I play on Medium-High settings, before this update I had 60 fps stable on my base in the jungle. Now it jumps from 30 to 40 fps while raining.