Conan Exiles random FPS drop, help :')

Game mode: [Every game mode] Online official | Online private | Single-player | Co-op
Type of issue: Performance issue, FPS
Server type: PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE
Region: [ Brazil ]
Mods?: No
Edition: Epic Games Store- Isle of Siptah edition

Issue Description:

Hi there! just bought the game yesterday on pc and it has been behaving like this.

I’m experiencing random frame drops even on idle ( drops to 4-15 fps every 10s and the goes back to 50-60) I noticed that my CPU and GPU waver around 20% of usage. I have nvidia drives updated, even on low graphics the issue continues.

My specs are:

Processor: intel(R) i7
Ram : 32 GB
Graphics card: RTX 2060
wifi : 80 mpb by ookla

My partner is on the same wifi as me when we try to play it together and we downloaded it at the same time, he has a less powerful PC however I’m the only one experiencing this.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there something that I’m missing that is causing this issue?


I dunno if this is important but I got conan exiles from the epic store

What do you have for the highlighted setting?

What about here:

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The devs Noted this issue and are probable Fixing it next patch.
I also have this problem just wait and hope i guess

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Hi! Thank you a lot for replying to this!

Here it says that 'new users can’t upload images"

But these are my settings:

-at the “Manage 3D settings” my power management has the same settings as yours.
-at the power and sleep, I only got 2 options " Dell" and “Balanced”
-at windows battery settings I have it set to “Best performance”

Unfortunately these changes didn’t affects the issue :C

I’m on a laptop (xps) and win 11 if this info is relevant

I updated the drivers and reinstalled windows but now it seeps that the game spikes the GPU very often to 100% and that is when the frame stuttering occurs, however this happens sometimes even on idle and the only way to make it not like that is to use the “low ending laptop” mode with everything on low.

I wanted to play on medium graphics at least. I though that the rtx2060 could run more than this, were my expectations too high?

But hey, again, thank you a lot for replying, I’ve been struggling with this issue for 3 days! :’))

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It would be awesome if it was a game issue since it would only be temporary! I’d hope they would fix it soon tho as I can’t even play on medium settings, just on the “low end” settings. This is making me rethink if my rtx 2060 made me have too high of expectations. :C

but hey thanks for commenting on the issue!!

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