Isle of Siptah - New biome low performance - with reason

Game mode: Checked on Single-player most likely it affects all game modes.
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: All (probably)
Region: All (probably)
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Focusing the camera on the area of the new The Isle of Dawn biome of Isle of Siptah significantly reduces game performance. Increases GPU consumption up to 100% and reduces the number of drawn FPS.

The Isle of Dawn

Reason: The light-colored grass, which is rendered and animated even when viewed from a far distance causes this problem.

:information_source: Only one type of grass creates low performance issue.

Expected Behavior:

This light-colored grass should behave like other objects (grass) of this type. It should not be rendered and animated at the best quality in the most distant terrain seen.

Steps to Reproduce:

:memo: Note: Graphics card used for the test: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (4+8) 12 GB

  1. Change the graphic settings to the lowest.
    • The V-sync setting is not important.
    • Enabled setting for low performance laptops reduces GPU consumption slightly.
      • Off: GPU consumption looking at old land :white_check_mark: 45%, at new land :rotating_light: 100%.
      • On: GPU consumption looking at old land :white_check_mark: 25%, at new land :rotating_light: 75%.
    • Resolution 1920x1080 (borderless).
    • Note: Most likely I also had the FPS cap turned on at the 30 value. :warning: :pen:
  2. Create a new game (without buildings and other players).
  3. Stand facing the new land of Siptah.
    • You must stand so that you can see as much space as possible in front of you or high enough so that nothing blocks the view.
    • At low settings, you need to be closer new lands just to notice that increase GPU usage drastically. :pen:
    • At higher settings, you can be further new lands just to notice that increase GPU usage drastically. :pen:
  4. Check GPU usage level.
    • :rotating_light: It should be much higher than usual.
  5. Turn the camera over to the old lands.
    • :white_check_mark: GPU usage level should be usual (lower).


The photo was taken with the smallest possible graphics settings (and enabled setting for low performance laptops). I look from a high cliff at the end of the island, I look at the other end. :pen:

  • The light-colored grass is visible to the farthest land!
    • The grass (1) is close, animated.
    • The grass (2,3,4) is far, definitely animated.
    • You can see the grass (5,6,7) animation at all distances.

As you fly above the ground, you will notice that when grass begins to appear (at far distance, over 2 quadrants of map), GPU consumption increases. I also checked it on the lowest graphics settings.
grass render

Addition: When we stand in the middle of The Isle of Dawn (some grass is in front of us and the rest is behind us / unseen) the GPU consumption is not that high - this also confirms the grass as the reason for the low performance.

:memo: Note: Since new areas of Siptah emerged, I have seen many posts and a few topics related to this case (low performance, LOD issue). I will try to paste at least some of the newest in the next posts.
:pencil2: Edit: I deleted the duplicate sentence. All edited / added sentences are marked with a pen :pen: icon at the end.
:pencil2: Edit: I added another detail. :warning: :pen:


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:memo: Note: I remember there were more posts (one with screenshots) but I can’t find them - yet. :mag_right:

I suspected ships, trees, pillars, and other objects making up the ruins on the island. And I checked if there were any unnecessary objects under the map. Then I even narrowed the view range (FOV) to more closely observe the changes in performance. I saw drops in FPS even when the camera was not aimed at a specific set of objects.

I began to look especially at the vegetation. Drawing fog on textures with transparency is costly. :moneybag: I noticed that the ground in the distance has a few bright spots.

Without camera movement, the bright spots changed color, which meant that they were not only rendered but also animated. Then I checked where the grass was appearing and how the GPU was behaving to make sure. I have found no other places (besides The Isle of Dawn) where this light-colored grass appears.

I searched for a long time for the cause of the drop in productivity in this area. I hope that after the corrections everything will run smoothly - if not, then I will keep looking. :satellite:

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** NeoTheMatrix after reading issue about grass, looking in settings start to think β€œβ€ good that i dont have this issue, and i dont even have grass enabled, cus i ab bored to look at grass out of apartaments, atleast i aint soo greedy to see grass at all in games β€œβ€ **


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Now I started to wonder if grass should even appear with the low performance laptops settings enabled. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The screenshot is definitely taken with this mode turned on.


Hey @fito

Thanks for the very detailed report. We have submitted it to our team so we can try to reproduce this issue on our end.

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I’m really glad that you will try to reproduce this issue. The performance issue is really oppressive. :face_with_thermometer:

Please let me know if I can help you more on this matter. :kissing_heart:

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