Isle of Siptah , huge performance issues

Hi i can run the game on medium-high settings and i get +40 fps but when i looking towards isle of dawn i get a huge frame drops (lower than 20) even on low settings , and when i go to isle of dawn the frame drops only happens if i look at the center parts of the isle of dawn


Yep, @GodlyVoice also reported the same:

Might be a good idea to submit a separate bug report in the PC Updates and Bugs forum, because it could get overlooked in that thread.

I have noticed the same problem. It drops mostly when I’m looking in the direction of the Grey ones area, but the largest frame drop for me is looking towards the new island from the eastern beach which connects the new island to the main one.

Would like to add that my fps is smooth everywhere else, and I tested this out in singleplayer to eliminate the possibility of player owned assets causing the issue.

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