Conan exiles Horrilbe FPS

The last two updates seem to have destroyed my fps, is this happening to anyone else?

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I don’t know about ‘destroyed’, but I have noticed a bit of strangeness recently. My ongoing (singleplayer) game is behaving pretty much as I’d expect it to, no real change there, but I had to do some testing recently and got quite a lot of frame drops while doing so. What makes this odd is that it means my heavily-modded game with a large base and lots of followers is having fewer frame-drops than my ‘clean’ unmodded, largely empty, test game. Maybe it was just my machine having a strange day, but it certainly seemed odd.

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Recently, the graphics settings have changed their values and you may need to rearrange all of them (for example, choose the lowest, then exit the options and then go back and set your usual settings).

I think all graphics settings do not update automatically with this updates, we have to update them manually.

After this treatment, it seems to me that the game behaves a bit differently (no better, no worse).
But I can be wrong about that. :sweat_smile:

If that doesn’t help, I advise you to avoid The Isle of Dawn on Siptah and avoid dense forests (on both maps) because they eat up computer resources the most. :hotsprings:


Ah - thank you. I shall have to have a look at my graphics settings then. :slight_smile:

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