Wetness effects and footprints are missing

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

I did a quick search about this but I couldn’t find a thread so I thought I’d create one. I am playing on the Xbox One X and currently there are simply no wetness effects in the game when it is raining. I also can’t see any footprints on the sand etc. I don’t know if it is a bug or our current build is older than the PC build but I was really looking forward to seeing this stuff so I am a bit disappointed.

Not really a huge problem so I hope it can be fixed quickly with one of the future patches.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Just wait for it to rain.
2.And try walking around in sand.


Hello, I made this account just to reply to this thread. the reason being is there isn’t many people picking up on things like this and in my experience when not many people take notice devs try and brush it under the carpet.

In comparison to ps4 pro (I’m on one x) the Xbox version is the worst visually. Things I’ve noticed in the ps4 version that are better than Xbox are footprints, godrays, denser foliage, higher quality shadows and higher resolution textures.


Well I don’t have access to a Ps4 Pro so I can’t do a side by side comparison but I watched some videos and there are indeed footprints. Not sure about wetness effects or differences in graphical quality though. Why aren’t these basic features in our version anyway? Pc has them, they released a parity patch but the builds don’t seem to be the exact same ones. Hope someone from the dev team can chime in.

Oh and I created an account just for this too :grinning:

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Or maybe the devs are just disable till it’s better optimised

Hmm I watched some vids of the intro after character creation on Ps4 Pro and you are right. I compared with our version and Conan for instance looks much more blurry on the One X, lower res textures. I am starting to think we are playing on an earlier build or something.

Still waiting for a response from the devs by the way.

Could someone at least acknowledge the issues listed here please?

Do you know how big their team is 50 people and not all are looking for the forum (Just give it time)

Footprints have been in game earlier (on Xbox One, not even X), now they’re gone. Also hair’s animation doesn’t properly works now. Sometimes hair doesn’t wave in the wind, sometimes does. Starting logos like Unreal Engine logo are pixelated now like low-res. Downgrade eh?

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How about they just fix the crashing and the dead body bugs… then worry about the graphics… sigh…


I am going to bump this as the issues listed here still haven’t been fixed. It would be great if I could at least get acknowledgement from Funcom.

I’m still waiting to see any weather at all, except sandstorm; I play in solo mode.

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Same thing in solo mode on PS4, no rain or snow, just the sandstorm.

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Yeah there is this too. They did acknowledge this one in a post about patches though. So I guess they are going to fix it eventually. You can’t force it to rain using the admin panel either. It just doesn’t work.