Wet effect and sand footprints for consoles

for some time I realize that the pc game has a wet effect and footprints in the sand, on consoles these features just don’t exist, why not implement them for consoles?

Performance related probably. Consoles have to take extra shortcuts in order to run the game more smoothly. Hardware limitation.

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You have footprints (at least at PS4pro)… What should the wet-effect be?

He is probably talking about the trail in the sand, when you drag a thrall for example.

He’s talking about footprints on PS4 Pro. I have them. Did not with a slim.

Sorry, I didn’t know there are differences between the game running in PS4 Pro or Slim. Are there other differences?

The only differences between all platforms is load times, and graphics details, possibly some sound. All other actual game mechanics are identical from my knowledge. Only certain key board features are not available on PS4, as well as some direct admin command entry. AS for playing the “Base” game, all is the same though.

And he wanted to know, which details are different.

Footprints for sure. Dont know about the wet-effect. Never player on normal PS4, to have a comparission.

The Pro has more processing capability. One of my clan mates will blue screen at least once near the largest bases because of the inability of his standard PS4 to handle everything that has to be rendered.

As it is, he gets a lot of lag during purge hours. We had a Jhebbel Sag purge the other day, and he died due to lag.

Which wet effects? Cause buildings still have wet effect, still have same issue PC does were objects under roofs can become wet.

Can’t say I pay attention to foot prints…

I know consoles (as mention lack some KB/admin commands) scroll wheel to zoom camera in and out.

Lack basic functions UI Setting file etc can be changed. Certain things like 1st person bows is grand fathered in, if your save file is old enough.

If this game is compatible on PS5 (it better, but as always Sony is being vague about backwards compatibility) I wonder if the game will run more smoothly, like being able to big build bases without them vanishing. And if we can have the PC things that are missing on consoles. I imagine this would require a big patch though.

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