Graphical curiosity about the Xbox One version

It has always seemed odd to me that the Xbox One version of this game lacks footprints made by player-characters and NPCs in sand and snow, as well as non-existent water/wetness effects on armor and other surfaces.

I know it’s not a major issue, but PS4 seems to have these things and not Xbox One (One X in my case). So maybe a Dev or someone else with the knowledge can quench my curiosity on this matter…

Hey there,

Have you checked if sliding around your graphics settings makes any difference? I’m personally not aware of this difference on consoles, but I know consoles in general have some minor differences with PC to improve performance.

Besides gamma there isn’t any graphics settings to mess with on console, but yeah Xbox just doesn’t have footprints and such where as PS4 does. This is why in the end it just struck me as odd, and is probably more of an oversight on Funcoms part than a performance improvement.

Thank you for the response

Yeah, I’m not here to debate console power. We all have our opinions, and then there’s the facts on paper about that.

With that said I’m just gonna assume it’s an oversight.

Thanks again to all that replied.

Patch or so ago, most of footprint and wet effects got turned off. (ps4) Not sure if there still on pro version thou.

Game been running alot better when they did it. (whats funny… its likely been almost year)

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