A list of issues still not fixed in the most recent patch

I created a thread about this before but didn’t get a response from the devs. Now I am going to try again. Wetness effects are still missing, footprints are still missing, there are lower res textures on the Xbox One X version compared to the Ps4 Pro version. (Just look at character skin textures, especially on Conan). Shadows are lower res too. Oh and of course the game still crashes when trying to join a multiplayer server unless you go into singleplayer first.

Hell not even the new menu they claim they’ve added is not present on Xbox. The devs put exact same patch notes on all platforms as if all platforms have parity, they don’t. There are clear and noticeable differences between the three versions. Just look at some comparison videos and you will know what I mean.The Ps4 Pro has footprints for instance, and as far as I can see it doesn’t crash when entering a multiplayer game.

Are these ever going to be acknowledged and fixed? Or should I just give up on this game at this point. Because I really wanted to give this game a chance, and it has great potential. But Funcom doesn’t look like they know what they are doing. I am starting to even doubt they test the console versions before they release patches to them. And this is frankly getting frustrating. From what I’ve seen so far the Xbox version seems to be the most outdated right now, considering even some of the basic graphical features that has been advertised in patch notes are still missing.

I simply have no incentive to buy any of the DLCs right now. Guess I am going to come back to this game when all this stuff is fixed since I really enjoy the game anyway. Until then though I am just going to leave this here in the hopes that the dev team will notice these issues and fix them. But most likely they won’t even post a response here anyway.


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