Misc Cosmetic World Traits (footprints, weather, etc)

Game mode: Singleplayer (With Co-op)

Problem: So I’ve been playing co-op with friends for the past couple of days and things keep happening that they can see and I can’t. Footprints in the sand and snow exist for my friend but not me. Rain falls from the sky for them in the north but not on my screen. Apparently they witnessed a sword in the circle of swords collapse before them but on my screen it was already fallen and broken? We all have standard PS4’s as well, no pros.

I feel like I’m missing out on the visual wonder of this game. Not to mention my hair and clothing physics are still broken.

Region: NA


I know this thread is a few days old, however I also experienced this last night with my partner. We play Local Co-Op (Same Network) and we have 100/100mbps fiber connection. Brand new equipment and box, wonderful speeds and normally don’t have any issues.

He could not see Mineable Rocks, coal deposits, and Gossamer bunches when I could. He had to close out the game and rejoin my session, then everything appeared. We fixed it but it was a bit jarring.