Body and world rendering issues on ps4 UPDATE


Game mode: [ Single-player | Co-op ]
Type of issue: [ Bug | Performance | Other ]
Server type: [ Single-player | Co-op ]
Hardware: [ PS4 ]

Bug Description:

Graphic issues on exiled lands map, when equipping Bejewelled chains or when what I’m assuming was supposed to be a sandstorm generating. causing sever issues with character textures.

first id like to say its been awhile since iv tried to play conan, trying to get into the dlc a bit and was hoping enough of the bugs were fixed. I have not tried making a new server based game for exiled lands, iv put way to much time into my single/coop game to even think about trying, but i have a feeling it would work just fine if I did and its likely a memory issues causing my problems. I would also like to say after trying to play exiled lands for the first time coming back i was pleasantly surprised, I didn’t do all that much but for at least 4-5 hrs the game ran comparatively well, i had no game crashing errors and while most textures were still having loading issues, it was more than bearable compared to when i quite. I did have an issuse were equiping the Bejewelled chains on my char reverted back to the unbearable blurry mess that had caused me to leave, however resetting seemed to fix this but it happened twice, however testing it today did nothing (though its clear no one took the time to fix the belly stretching issue on it). and when what im assuming was a sand storm spawning my game reverted to something barely worth playing.

Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. played the game on my ps4.
  2. wait for a sandstorm.

I haven’t played enough on exiled lands to really confirm this ever happening again but its obvious the issues are still there. it could be entirely coincidental but i hope it may give some clue in helping with allot of the texture issues ps4 players are having.

Here are some shots of what id consider minor texture issues (things just taking a bit to load properly)

Here is a odd one, ill call it ghost loading, if you look closely you can see the outline of my char body inside my char almost like a delayed afterimage and my char is see through were the after images pass though her body.

All thise “minor” issues seem to fix them self’s after a moment or two, just thought id throw them in here just in case.

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You are probably right about this being a offline issue I run around alot on my Exiles server wearing Bejeweled outfit and don’t have a issue. Rarely use single player so don’t have experience there. If you would like to play on a private server let me know we have been up since 2018.

Do you have motion blur on? I only see double body issue with that checked.

As for texure issue, ya… even with SSD, its there sadly. Sucks with large base… you turn to cabinets to gran something… blurred, you turn back to workbench… its now blurred. XD
Turn back to cabinets and blurred again. XD

It makes walking thru base feel so weird. =/

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The reason to those texture issues is the overly aggressive garbage clean up, internally. Before, the transitions were smooth. Before, we could see across the map at vantage points.

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Can confirm on solo exiled lands sand storm breaks my game… everything goes dark but feels darker than norm, odd coloring and then barely anything renders properly even after the storm ends.

I Haven’t tried just reloading,I just jump off after now. but I remembered back before I quite that wouldn’t fix it all the time and even if it did it wouldn’t last more than 5-10 mins.

Atleast now though It seems till sandstorm its playable…

The reason to those texture issues is the overly aggressive garbage clean up, internally. Before, the transitions were smooth. Before, we could see across the map at vantage points.

Yeah I remember playing back in the day and there were barely any visual loading problems… even rushing through areas if there was anything still loading in youd likely never notice it. now you cant turn around with out seeing something blurry even on the online servers I catch stuff loading in… offline or atleast on exiles it still just breaks and becomes unplayable for me.

@sestus2009 Thanks for the offer and yeah iv noticed allot of stuff that doesnt effect online play, but as far as exiled lands Iv done to much to play another map. and Im already using a server on isle to play with friends and iv started laying foundation for a city on solo so ill have to pass…

@Sera67 Im not sure about double body but im pretty sure I do use motion blur. i can bare with things loading in, but there seems to be a point were it just breaks I cant stand playing after that atleast on exiled lands. iv noticed after that the game has issues even disconnecting lol


The blur/LOD breaks immersion.

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So after abit of mucking around.

I have motion blur off (never cared for the effect)
Only “double” i see is on tip of waist piece (bottom of triangle) And I have camera up close to see it flicker.

As for sandstorm… I went thru 7 other day, (6 I was in my home) Depending on time of day, some are really dark, some are bright.

I see some odd issues during sand storm. But none of it presist after it ends. (ps4 with SSD)
Once game catches up after sandstorm, everything pretty much goes back normal. (hair physics etc turning back on)