Textures rendering in and out cyclicly

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: =SERVER TYPE=
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:

Textures rendering in an out cyclicly.

Bug Reproduction:

Play the game for a while.


Yeah… since forever. Bad optimization more than likely.

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Just an example of how bad it gets:

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I’ve been having this same exact issue, too. My fiancée and I play on single player, co-op. I’m the host and my textures constantly cycle after about 15 minutes or so of playing. My fiancée however doesn’t seem to be affected by it at all, aside from trees and rocks disappearing at times.

Before the Age of War update, I did not have these texture issues. It’s incredibly frustrating.


Also 9n a ps5 here. I haven’t had the rendering issue be that bad since my ps4 but, it does occasionally happen. I’m mostly getting clothing and armor rendering issues. The clothing and armor will be blacked out for a few seconds. and now occasional freezes and stuttering. This all started after the last mini patch/update.


Yes, that also happens. This one is a bit more recent (although it happenedi n the past but got solved). It only started after the latest hotfix. Hotfix my… :smile:


I hate these bugs more than invisible animals and npcs. I can mostly ignore those but this stuff really breaks immersion.

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Exactly. I just avoid invisible stuff. But this you can’t avoid.

Welcome to the Forum glad to have you. My wife and I play together we can see each others TV’S at times som major discrepancy other times every thing is the same

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PS5 didn’t get the graphics upgrade like Xbox Series X/S received. Could be a possible reason Conan Exiles - Official Xbox Series X/S Optimizations Trailer (4K 60fps) - YouTube

Hiya! Thank you for welcoming me. I have a similar setup with my fiancée, we sit beside one another and can see each other’s TVs too, haha. He doesn’t have nowhere near as many issues as I seem to but I’ve assumed it to be because I’m the host for co-op. Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

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PS5 Server 3734 PVE can confirm same issues. It seems all surfaces have rendering issues. Benches, walls, ground, armor.

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It’s cycling in the lod’s that you are supposed to see when far away. It’s been a problem for as long as I know, playing for over 4 years. It’s not just a texture.

i thought this was normal around The Crevice and any of the biomes in the north :exploding_head:

It was “normal” on my ps4 but once i switched to a ps5 I’d say about 90% of the texture issues went away. The game was looking vreat until this last patch then it went back to crap.

It’s never been this bad. Every surface has issues now.

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Aaaah yes…that happens frequently in that very same spot. Not far from the mounds of the dead, just next to the mountains in the North.

Very very common problem.

The only thing I’ve learned to fix it is to log off and back on. But not long after it’s back again.

It’s was happening alnost everywhere. This exact thing. I reinstalled and so far, so good, but I expect it to return.
It happens after we play for a while. I log out, close the game and load it again. It gives me another half an hour or something. Then it starts all over. We had this before, in Siptah too. Then it got solved.

all things considered i would rather have this bug and be able to see the mobs again i have reinstalled the game so many times trying to fix the invisible mobs that my isp called asking what is going on and why i was using so much data :laughing:

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I would choose the opposite. This will affect your gameplay wherever you are.
At least, invisible mobs are only a pain when you’re out to hunt them.
But we should have neither of these bugs. I read that post of yours @dragonologist ! :smile: