Body and world rendering issues on ps4

Conan seems to be having an issue with rendering on my ps4. The body at first seems to render between low and high resolution meshes exposing the neck seam, blurring all skin and body paint. it seems to happen off and on at first until it seems to set into the low res blurry skin textures until I reset the game. This happens every time.

This also seems to thralls and npc’s as well as the world. square blood splatter and some areas refusing to load terrain (walking through some floors, on what seems to be a lower res version?) .

Is this an issue that’s being addressed? hopefully before the isle drop on ps4.


I think someone might be having a similar issue, they are on Xbox though;

Yeah its likely similar, though I couldn’t say for sure. I could upload pics if its necessary but Iv heard of allot of other people having similar issues so I didn’t think to even ask till now. and since I heard the isle is being released on the 27 I was surprised that the last ps4 update didn’t address the issue. I mean its still playable… but this rendering crap makes me not want to, some areas can make you feel a bit nauseas rendering in and out like that.

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I think the saying goes; “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The more evidence that you provide, the easier it will be for them to replicate.


So here are some examples of the skin texture issues

With armor :

Thralls :

Using a black body paint so you can see it better :

Here are some of the terrain issues:

Standing on a invisible mesh with grass on it :

This is just a different Cam angle of the next image I’m hanging on the rock there. :

These I wanted to add while I was at it, its a glitch for the top of that gold bikini or w/e the glitch has been there since they released it, its not extremely noticeable but still a little annoying always wondered why they never fixed it. Looks like it stretches the waist just under the belly button of the char when worn by anyone thrall or player. :

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This is what my game does pretty much all the time, between that and crashing about once every 30 minutes to an hour. I really hope @Ignasi and the team can sort it


I have this exact same issue on single player/ co/op I also get it on a private server but not as severe.

I had this issue with one of my characters a year or so ago. It was fixed with one of the updates. Or so I thought. I hear that missing textures and pop in is actually a common issue in Unreal Engine games.

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This has been an issue for me as well, and for a not insignificant amount of time.

As was already mentioned, this is not uncommon with Unreal 4 on consoles. Hypothetically Unreal 5 will clean some of this up on the newest consoles (an have backwards compatibility with Unreal 4.25), but I’ll believe it when I have consistent crisp rendering on the PS5 I do not yet own.

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Hey all,

Thanks for the additional information. Indeed, we received a similar report on Xbox about rendering issues.
We’ve worked on a ton of memory and performance improvements in 2.4, most of them directly geared towards consoles, which should address or at least alleviate situations like this one. 2.4 will come with Isle of Siptah, on May 27th.
That being said, our team is looking at the crashes that also happened on the original Xbox report, to see if they’re covered with the 2.4 improvements. We’ll also continue to monitor performance once 2.4 is released.


Thanks Ignasis,
I will stop my complaining and eagerly await May 27th.

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Fingers crossed.

This is actually an old bug which looks to have reared its ugly head again Ic333. I currently have this one again on my Offline Singleplayer game. I previously identified it as ‘textures cycling between high, low and off’. Here is the link to my old thread. There is a number of GIFs displaying this issue within.

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