Body and world rendering issues on ps4 UPDATE

Just wanted to let you guys know that the update for ps4 on the 27th did little to help the bugs mentioned :
here Body and world rendering issues on ps4 or Textures Cycling Between High, Low & Off here.
at least not for me.

iv even tried reinstalling the game to see if that would help but it didn’t seem to do anything. in fact i can go to the same areas and take the same screen shots from my old post, except sometimes it could take between 20-45 seconds for it to take the screen shot , maybe when it takes that long its still trying to load , idk. . iv also noticed the fan running allot more on my ps4. but that could of been something I just missed last time.

the game over all seemed to act differently for awhile, like it was trying to work (things trying to load/render differently or seem to load in a different order?), had a camp that took about 2-3 mins to load before giving me a blue screen once too. but its pretty much the way it was before the update now , at least in my opinion. sometimes restarting helps but it quickly goes back to the blurry mess from before just like before the update but that’s only if it helps to restart at all.

though I will note that while the char mesh is blurry the area/objects seem to load in properly. but when the char mesh (appears) to load in properly I see a lot of area/object rendering issues , mainly just things taking more time to load the high res meshes. i.e : I noticed sighs are blurry while the words are not, the mesh on chests, grinder, press and many other objects take longer to load high res masking while char (appears) properly loaded. but they are allot faster to load when the char model is blurry.

And I say (appears) because I’m not sure if its actually “properly” loaded. it looks alright but if you zoom in you could still see the neck seam and I noticed with one of the body paints that it cuts off at the back of the neck making it seem like that mesh was initially singular. but I could be wrong. allot of things you don’t pick up on until they stand out. and I changed my char hair so its not something I woulda noticed before.

also tons of freezing before it kinda went back to the blurry bodies and stuff mainly while trying to toggle over/view any containers, thralls or items inventory.

gold bikini top is still bugged and was stretching the mesh under the belly button.

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It happens on ps5 and pc as well from time to time as well

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I never had this issuer back when I first started playing or for the months after. if I did have this problem is was entirely unnoticeable/ignorable. but after coming back to the game about a month maybe 2 before isles release. its not just noticeable its almost game breaking, maybe not literally. from what I can tell it seems the game mechanics function properly. but between the freezing, errors/blue screen, and the graphics rendering issues I’m experiencing, well no one likes the idea of wasting time on a broken game in this day and age.

I haven’t played since this post but Iv jumped on and the games working fine “at the moment”, some things are taking a few moment’s to load in but imo thats fine, just like when I loaded in after the updates. im willing to be money that withen 20 mins or less ill be back to the blurry mess of char rendering, blood splatters and if i leave the area my base is in world rendering issues.

However its entirely possible that the rather extrema world rendering issues are isolated to specific areas, considering I barely play now I have no way to say other wise nor do i care enough to try and find out… its the same for char rendering, it could be a memory issues rather than a strictly rendering one but I’m not getting paid to fix this game, I just want to play it. to enjoy the beautiful and ■■■■■■ nature of it all and have fun completing things and building kingdoms while immersing my self in the experience.

And now all i can do is hope these issues don’t follow me to the isles.

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I wish you luck on siptah if you’re on ps4 slim or older (base) cause rendering problems are annoying on ps5 which is suppose to be better…

Yet here we are with the rendering problems, before the last patch it was working so good now heh

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