Overall physics bugs

First off, thanks for the fixes to the latest animation additions. Definitely looks much better now than it did when the update first dropped.
Is there any word on whether or not there will be any action taken in the near future to fix these old bugs pertaining to the character model hair and clothing physics breaking and not returning to normal for hours? (Particularly in regards to the height of the player character being something other than default.)
I posted on this a long time ago and have not heard any recent news in regards to it. If I am missing something, please fill me in. Thanks!

1.50 adjusted how abunch of stuff is read and stored, So it turns off and on more often. Not as bad as before. Thou it will still happen. (in SP, it turns on few mins later now, instead of logging out/teleport etc etc etc)
Online may vary sicne some people have crazy amount of stuff. XD

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I forgot to mention that I am on an offline single player game. Thanks for the great info!

Hello @Motorhead44, issues related to the physics system for hair and clothing are still being looked into, although we’re unable to offer any sort of estimates at this time.

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