Several Ps4 bugs & issues (exiled lands)

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Region: [ EU ]
Hardware: [ PS4 Pro ]

Bug Description:

Several bugs:

  1. Sandstorm lighting issue:
    most of the time instead of the lighting going dark red as normal, everything goes super bright white and washed out, like the contrast goes 200%. - This happens naturally each time when playing.

  2. Motion blur:
    is constantly stuck turned on (the check box in the settings does nothing) this was mentioned 3 years ago, please fix it! The motion blur looks like I’m seeing 4 character’s whenever I move the camera. So would love to turn it off. - Happens naturally each time when playing.

  3. Texture pop:
    Texture loading is very bad and delayed (furniture, buildings, flora, armour, animals etc) same with item icons in containers or benches. The world boss spider turned into a overly hairy blob at one point, nightmare fuel! - happens naturally each time when playing.

  4. performance lag:
    I’m on server #3008 that normally has between 33-66 ping, but at times (especially going past high traffic area’s) a player’s large base with thralls, or a spider cave near a black hand camp, there can be a delayed rubber band effect where I take damage (possibly until death) but I’m not being hit by anything. Then I’ll snap back to an earlier position 50 meters back and be getting hit by something, bad issue as can cause unfair death’s. Happened once when a tiger slapped me through the Nth dimension. - Happens naturally each time when playing.

  5. Item still highlighted when in fact not:
    in the menu when an item or stack has been moved from a bench/container to my inventory, sometimes the item will still be highlighted yellow, but won’t actually be selected. - Happens naturally each time when playing.

  6. Character turning breaks:
    After playing for a while (over an hour normally) my character’s turning becomes odd, as though they’re anchored to the spot and can only turn whilst anchored to a set position (wherever you stand). Better way to explain; when working, my character when I press back to turn around or forwards to turn back the other way, they’ll move their legs and can move quite freely and loosely, I can also run in a small circle. When this becomes broken they cannot move freely, legs don’t move much and they turn like a stiff wheel as I press backwards or forwards. - Happens naturally each time when playing.

  7. Can’t see any nameplates of other player’s during pve (not sure if intended?)

  8. Battle music is too eager, sometimes the game doesn’t know which one to play when a 2nd enemy is aggro’d and gives chase. Once 2 battle themes started playing over each other, the drums, so many drums! - Happens intermittently when playing.

  9. Sound effects: often cut out or don’t play (when mining, fighting etc) or can be quite delayed. - Happens naturally each time when playing.

  10. Breathing audio loop: when you deplete all stamina, character’s heavy breathing continues until you exit and reload game. Depleting stamina again doesn’t fix this audio bug. - Happens most times.

  11. Riding through skulkers end, all the Dafari were invisible and making rocknose noises, for every one I passed…

  12. Randomly one day, my horse had a sack appear in their inventory that says “xx_horse_bc_1”

  13. true indigo plant when picked, is orange phykos - cannot get any true indigo plants.

  14. purge broken, it countdown, said asura followers incoming, but nothing happened. I restarted and the purge was gone.

  15. suggestion: every time you open the radial wheel inventory, it makes a loud drum sound. PLEASE give us the option to disable this, I can’t tell you how annoying it is.

Expected Behavior:

Please see the above, results are with the explanation of the problem

Steps to Reproduce:

Please see above

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mas de 2 meses de la GRAN Actualizacion… Todo sigue igual…

si Antes no pasaba porque ahora siÂż? Dejad de TOCAR donde no os llaman.!! que ya se a demostrado que Copiar y Pegar MOD de usuario sois unos Crack. :smiley: pero corregir vuestros propios Errores -.- esta visto que no hay manera.

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