Ps4 performance issues

Hi everyone…I have a slim PS4. I’ve bought this game back in 2018 and I realy want to play this game, but it hss alot of lag, stuttering, sound delays and black objects (textures not loading in) … The game is not anjoyable to play because unplayable is a strong word to use. When playing in performance mode, the game looks like shit.


If you need it to swap from FpS to SpF activate a Journey Step.

Clearing the Journey steps and not choosing a new one eases the problem a bit. But while the Journey steps are active, it’s noticably worse.


Hello everyone,

Thank you for this information!

Could you please answer a few questions to assist us in narrowing down the root of the issue could be?

  • What Console version are you playing on? (PS5, PS4 slim,…)
  • Are you using a wireless or wired internet connection?
  • Does this behavior seen on Single Player?
  • If you are experiencing this in an Official Server, please share the Official Server Number with us.

Thank you in advance! :smile:


Hi there @Sarealac. I saw this thread and felt I should let you know that I have also been experiencing this, but on my ps5. It has been present for a while now, but alas I had not got to making a report yet.

It happens quite frequently when we turn to face another direction we were not already facing, or go outside through a door. Assets are slow to load, and as are textures. For example, plant fibre bushes may appear as blobs of pale green and possibly with a few lines near the top. NPCs such as shalebacks appear as the correct size, shape and outline, but they are completely black from head to toe. Similarly background such as a nearby peak may be slow to load in or completely black at first. The colours and textures still do load in, usually within roughly ~2 seconds, it is just slow to do so.

So in my case the criterion are as follows:

  1. ps5, I run the digital edition of the game
  2. wireless connection in my case
  3. yes it occurs in Singleplayer (my mode of choice), both online and offline
  4. have not tried it on official, only singleplayer

If you would like, I will also try to capture an image or two over the weekend. I just need to be quick.


PS4 Pro and PS5
Wired connection
Single Player as well as Private Servers


Can confirm everything OP said, with the exception that Performance mode is only mode I have seriously played, so not disappointed by game’s appearance in Performance Mode. But the new dynamic of a follower reverting to full black unfilled space when looking away and looking back is disappointing.

Other than that small discrepancy, every line word for word.
PS4 slim,
Solo Mode,
Wired Internet,
-currently avoid sorcery because too many issues currently considering what was fixed with February Update is too unstable since March Update, to go too far beyond base gameplay.
-BP/Bazaar Tabbing again leads to crashes randomly
-accessing inventories also again leads to crashes randomly.

We got about 1 month of exceptional good game performance prior to Chapter 3 release.
I cannot express how impressed I am with new content while also expressing how disappointing this return to previous bugs has been.

This new model of releasing new content while breaking game on consoles at every Update is a model that will not serve Conan the Game.


Hello @Sarealac. I have managed to capture some images of the rendering issues in question, albeit some lacklustre ones. It was frightfully tricky trying to snap these issues within a 1-2 second window. So please forgive the quality but here is what I could manage.

The bonfire and branches are a good example of the black assets, common on NPC mobs, while the tiger and bushes are an example of blurring before the textures load in.


I’ve worked with compression algorithms like jpeg2k. My experience tells me the decompression is too slow. It may be just a UE4 issue (not Funcom). I doubt the PS4 (not pro) has the memory for it to survive. :grinning:

You see, when you turn you see the decompression from blackness to colorful textures. If you did a 360 all of it should have decompressed? Nope. Do another 360 and you’ll see again the blackness. It needs a way to stop making the garbage collector being too aggressive. You see, the ps4 pro has the memory for it, but it is only running at ps4 (original, no slim or pro) speed…

…for now.

P.S. “Boost” doesn’t do anything to these games.

I’ve had both the black render and blurry render on my ps5, hardwired in the ladt couple of weeks. It can also take many seconds for furnishings to render in on character load.

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