Ridiculously Poor Performance

I’ve been playing this game a little over 3 years now or at least trying to but the performance is so bad the last few months i can’t actually play it. I come on every few weeks to see if there’s any improvement and I’m immediately let down by insane stutters, fps drops to practically 3fps when there’s a single enemy. Infinite loading or straight up crashes when using map room. How can it be this bad after so long? I updated this morning and made no difference. Im using a ps4 with wired Internet and the performance settings ingame. How do I improve this absolute joke of a performance?


Welcome to the Forum. We were playing on ps4 1tb up to the Holidays when we got ps5. It was not too bad on ps4 with ps5 loading in 30 seconds but are some issues still especially disconnect .I am logging in now to see what today’s update has done
@Kadez Good luck Exile.

What type of server are you playing on

I try to play on official but have been using sp but the stutters and lag are there too so im pretty much not playing any atm

If you turn off the UI for the Journey steps that seems to clear up stuttering for most PSN users. May also try an internal drive instead of external if you are running off one of those.

I find this update improved the initial opening loading of everything when I login at my base.

Before on ps5 I’d have to wait 5-15 seconds while the 5-6 chests and the door, etc loaded before I could leave the room.

Now since this latest update everything loads in within a few seconds.

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