Overall low texture quality (PS4 Pro)

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: Europe

Wondering if the low texture quality is intentional (over blurry textures) or a possible bug?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Join online server or single-player

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I’m having this problem, too. The texture quality randomly changes between high and blurry as heck.

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ya’ll have any screenshots of this. I dont have this issue.

Might be your hardrive/system not rendering fast enough?

old ps4 here, has been doin this since last update in my big base, not in the small one tho.

Sure thing, here’s few about the problem and then one older shot to show how few similar texture details have been before.

What to notice about first two shots:
ground, wall, ruins and character textures compared to the last shot which seem to show greater detail in all of the mentioned.

Also not in the shots but show same symptoms are ground clutter textures aka grass etc.

Lack of detail shots:

Older “normal” screenshot:

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Thanks for this description.
I was wondering if this was just happening for old fat PS4.

(FYI, it also does it under a 720p screen display resolution, SP offline, 1st gen PS4).

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Some of those textures lag as the LOD cranks up. The initial rez on the ps4 pro takes some time on pve-c servers. Maybe provide a video if it is an LOD issue.

I run on 4k and have seen the punk rock “easter egg” LOD. Maybe it was intended to be found. The ground LOD transitions are smooth.

Hello @PromisedOne, thank you for reaching out!

The team is aware of this occurrence and it’s one of the concerns for future improvements.

It is likely to be more noticeable in slower hard drives, such as the 5400 RPM ones that originally come with the PS4, since the game has a large amount of data to read and it will load lower quality textures as placeholders until its able to replace them by the higher quality version, which takes considerably longer than on high-performance HDDs, Hybrids and SSDs.


Bought my PS4 Pro unit in november last year and is with the default drive, not aware what speed it is, but this problem is more recent since I’ve played before with this same unit and textures were just fine then and were loading fast enough, now they don’t stream to the high quality textures at all?

Edit: Also at the moment all other games (including other unreal engine games) openworld or not that use texture streaming have no problem on streaming any textures to high quality.

This is not the ideal answer but… I used to have these issues before I switch to a SSD (Samsung EVO 860) now the game seems to render alot faster for me.

Don’t be confused the game still takes me 5mins to fully load in every time I join the server but rendering as im traveling is no longer a issue.

Ssd could b safe bet if i’d have an issue of high quality texture loading in but they would eventually load where as now they don’t load in at all no matter how long i wait unless the issue is more with texture filtering. Hope it gets fixed asap.

If some textures are failing to load in high resolution at all, we’d suggest that you first attempt to reinstall the game in order to dismiss any possible file corruption that might have occurred.

I read news that the PS5 will have a fat SSD standard.

Does the wait for the initial rez happen more slowly on PVE-C servers? It’s faster on PVP and PVE servers, for me.

Reinstalled the game twice, no help.

Also initial textures are loaded the moment i load into the game and no additional visible loading of textures after that.

Thank you for trying that out and sharing further information, as the problem you’re having seems to have been aggravated with the latest patches we’ll be registering this feedback for the developers to look into.

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