[PS5] Environment textures not loading or flickering with low res blurriness every 2 seconds

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Official # 3181

Bug Description:

Textures for the grass and dirt that sits under the physical blades of grass, and textures for sand over dunes, or for cliffs all glitch out and appear low res. They tend to flick back and forth frequently at times, from how they should be, to blurry low res. It’s not constant but very frequent and happens a lot hen moving about. Please fix as soon as able, I’m playing on a PS5 with an m.2 SSD and fibre broadband so don’t think it’s a client side issue

Bug Reproduction:

Run around, watch the ground or cliffs, easy to spot next to the southern ‘noob’ river, also can happen after using a sorcery teleporter

As i have a similar problem with my singleplayer on PS5 (look here), i just checked and made a quick naked run from F1 to G8 (al Merayah) on #3181. On my way i saw much more building items, placeables and Thralls as i have in my singleplayer, but i haven’t encountered any texture glitches so far. Performance was bad, rubberbanding and enemys attacking from positions where they are clearly not rendered at, but other than that it works.

Is anyone on this server using the sandstone set from the bazaar? I think the problems at my singleplayer started as i purchased it a few weeks ago.

Same issue running on the PS5 flickering from texture to no texture

Hmm I’m not sure about the sandstone bazaar set, I think my neighbours base at the river is stone bricks and many other bases seem to be vanilla or DLC. I don’t get rubber banding thankfully like I did on the PS4 pro HDD, but sometimes an enemy will zap behind me during an attack animation.

As i can’t play my main singleplayer game anymore (at least not much longer than 5 minutes) i spent 3h on #3181 building a tiny 2x2 emergency base and then running around sightseeing (sepermeru to pirate bay). What can i say: besides the horrible teleporting enemys which made fighting a pack of hyenas with a stone sword and wooden shield quite challenging (i choose to run) it works flawless.

On my PS5 (game on internal ssd) i have one working singleplayer game, one which is unplayable and i can play on two official servers without problem. I think this rules out a faulty installation as well as as a faulty game database as you can’t play on the same server/same database i can.

This bug happens on ps5 official- isle of siptah, too.

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