Official Server 3025 - PS5 - Sandstorm and Mining issues

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug | Performance ]
Region: [EU]

I am fairly new to CE. Started like a week ago. I noticed two technical Bug/Performance issues on the official server where I started to play with a friend (3025).
The Sandstorm is cool and all but fairly buggy.

  • I had Sandstorms with VFX but no “sandstorm tag” and no Damage while outside
  • I had sandstorms with “sandstorm tag” and with damage while outside, but NO VFX (and therefore also no indication that a sandstorm will hit.
  • another one is, that sometimes, when it is the first time I log in to the server Iron Ore can not be mined. Today I also had this happening with trees (shows visual but I could walk through them). This goes away when I logout and log back into the server.

I play on PS5 (yeah I was lucky) so there shouldnt be a performance issue from console side. The console should be powerfull enough to load the serverdata. But it seems not all Data is sent from the server to the client (or kinda gets lost on the way)?

Ah yeah I am aware the game is such and such years old, but I have found a topic about the sandstorms on official servers which was closed in the meantime. Where Funcom People were also asking if other people have the same issue or if it occours still. So here I am writing this.

Yeah I have seen the posts about the backlog of patches for ps too. I am just reporting here. Its a minor issue for me as noob for both cases and I dont expect an immediate fix either.

On the side I am wondering if the game gets adjustments for the new consoles (whenever that patch they are working on is coming). I could not find answers regarding that in the forum.

Ah and before I forget. I really like the game sofar, it reminds me of my old Ultima Online days. If we had an engine like this back in the days… boy… would have been epic.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. First Login a day (mining not possible)
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Hello @Aeonra, welcome to the game and the forums!

The sandstorm issues are currently known and should be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Regarding the harvesting issues, these usually happen due to sync issues between server and client, and they are aggravated if the server is under unusual load (ie. host connectivity issues, network attack, unusually large database with a high online player count).

We’re working on a parity patch for console that will include a considerable amount of fixes and optimizations which should help mitigate the frequency of these occurrences.

Lastly, thank you for the kind words, the game might’ve aged but we’re committed to continue improving it and adding new content, and we hope that you enjoy your time spent in the Exiled Lands (and the Isle of Siptah, in a near future).

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